Effective Home Remedies for Cat Colds


There are several signs that you can notice when your cat has a cold. But the question here is what you can do to treat cold in cats. There are some effective home remedies for cat colds that you can do as a treatment. For this reason, this article is going to focus on symptoms of cold in cats. Moreover, …

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What can I give my cat for arthritis pain?


Arthritis in cats or feline rheumatoid osteoarthritis is a disease that can affect felines of any age, whether they are puppies, youngsters or adults. Cats, like us, can suffer from many diseases that are related to the joints, such as feline arthritis. Arthritis is a very common problem in our felines, this disease reduces their mobility and causes pain, in …

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Crate Training for Dog


What do you think about crate for dog? Some people still believe that keeping a dog in a crate is cruel – but it is because they have different image of crate like those in puppy mill; where dog is kept 24 hours a day; all year long; until someone come save them. That is not how one should use …

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Why Sometimes Your Cat Hates Other Cats


You just rescue a sweet little tabby from a shelter, hoping she can keep both you and Mickey, your five-year-old cat company. However, when you finally take the little tabby home, Mickey is all hissy fit and loud growl. Does he have a problem with this certain little tabby or does he have problem with any other cat? Seeing your …

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Do cats feel love when you kiss them ?- A deep insight


How do you feel when you kiss your cat? Happy isn’t it. But how would the cat feel? Have you ever thought of it? A report says that people often kiss their cat and enjoy the most but they are unsure if the cat would enjoy relishing their love Cat’s behavior: People like to hug, cuddle, kiss their cat but …

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Does My Cat Needs Supplement?


You are shopping for your cat. Inside your cart, you already have some boxes of cat food, a new scratch board, and a bottle of shampoo. Your checklist is clear and you decide to pay them, but on the way to the cashier you notice a whole row of supplement and vitamin – specifically made for cat to ensure their …

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When Your Cat Throws Up Hairball


Fluffy is lounging around on the couch, napping and enjoying the day like any good cat would, but suddenly she wakes up, sits up and throws up. You are alarmed and immediately go to her, and find out that among the digested food, there is something that looks like a hairy tube. That is cat’s hairball. Throwing up hairball happens …

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Common Sickness in Your Cat


Your cat can get sick too. Even if cat is generally a clean creature who bathe himself everyday, he can – once in a while – contact a virus or bacteria and get infected. There are five most common sicknesses that may infect your cat. Learn more about the symptoms, what causes them, and also how to treat them or …

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What to do if your cat is not using the litter box


No doubt, cats, the feline friends are lovely and sweet creatures, but cleaning their poop is not an easy and pleasant task. Although the cat is a well-behaved animal, sometimes she chooses a different spot in the house for pooping instead of a litter box. You come back from the office after spending a hectic day and see an unpleasant …

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We Took Our Cat Overseas, Here’s What We Learned.


Three years ago, my wife and I moved from the UK to Indonesia where my she had gotten a job in a private school. One year later, we rescued a 4-year-old cat, we called her Perdu, French for ‘lost’. We lived just outside Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, a place where there are a lot of stray cats. They were badly …

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