10 Great Dogs for Children

If your kid is a pet lover, getting them a dog is a great thing you can do for them. A kid-friendly family dog not only helps to keep your kid active, helpful and playful but also boosts their happiness level and responsibility tremendously.

However, not all dog breeds are perfect for kids – so as a responsible pet owner, you need to do your homework thoroughly.

Some breeds can be hostile with lousy temperament while others may be too large for a little person.

Below are 10 dog breeds that are worth considering that can be suitable for kids:

1. Beagle

The Beagle’s docility and calm temperament make it the perfect pet for your kid and the family. This cute looking dog has a small body, thus quite easy for children to carry around. They love adventure and come with a sturdy build that makes them capable of playing with your child for a long time without tiring. You won’t find a friendlier and happier dog than the beagle. It is not only an impeccable companion for kids, but charming to other pets that may be victims of dog-hostility.

2. Bulldog

The gorgeous Bulldog can be too big for some little children, but their affection, submissiveness, and patience towards children makes them an ideal companion. They are all playful and can help keep your kid active – thanks to their sturdy build. If your child has some friends around, trust the Bulldog to be loving and accommodating towards them.

3. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever was originally bred as a hunting dog, so it is priceless for adventurous kids. This dog is intelligent and oozing with confidence and loyalty and comes with a great size that is built for play and all day adventure. They love fun and never run short of affection for your little ones. Retrieving stuff is their favorite past-time, so a game of Frisbee will get them all excited.

4. Collie

The Collie is a beauty to behold. If your child has never had a pet dog, a Collie will not disappoint. The fluffiness, gentleness, and loyalty make it an amicable choice for a kid who is unfamiliar with dogs. Collies were initially herding dogs and may tend to protect your kids while endowing them with valuable companionship. They are receptive to training, which makes it easier to curb their initial stubbornness. But be aware – they are prone to leaving hair all over the place, so make sure your little one wants to help with the hairdressing!

5. Boxer

The Boxer’s amiability towards children comes painlessly. They are built for the outdoors and are gifted with a bountiful of energy and affection for kids and other pets. If you like the Bulldog, but cannot find one, the Boxer is an amazing alternative.

Boxers are blessed with high energy levels and thrive on plentiful exercise so your kid won’t get bored around them. Many pet enthusiasts agree that the boxer is an ultimate family dog.

6. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is consistently one of the most popular dogs out in the park. He is an obvious extrovert, and very playful and bouncy – loving loads of attention. They love getting wet, and water makes for their favorite playground. With all the activity and play that the Labrador Retriever will bring to your home, you might need some extra space and a swimming pool would be appreciated! They are also affectionate, protective and very reliable.

7. Dalmatian

A Dalmatian knows how to fit into any family quickly and makes friends with children easily. This dog will keep your children running and playing all day and then cuddle with them when they are worn out or sleeping. Their energy level is just perfect for a fun-loving kid. They don’t quickly tire. Your child will undoubtedly love the cute spotted Dalmatian. They have a gentle temperament and will keep your kid active, happy and healthy.

8. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland might sometimes come in intimidating sizes, but do not let that scare you. Beneath the gigantic size is an abundant supply of gentleness, patience, and affection. They are surprisingly protective of kids and can keep them busy playing until they can’t take it anymore. If you consider getting a Newfoundland for your children, make sure you have plenty of open spaces for playing and resting. They also love hitting the pool, so if you have one, it will do great wonders for their happiness.

9. Poodle

We all know the Poodles for their signature haircuts. They may not love strangers but get along pretty fine with children and other family members. You can get them in miniature and standard sizes so you can get the size that works for you and your family. Fun loving, obedient, intelligent and playful is the best description of a Poodle.

10. Vizsla

The less-known Vizsla can be a perfect playmate for your kids. They are smart, obedient and know how to dish out compassion when around children. They bond easily with children and are known to be quite neat and well behaved. When outdoors, they can get pretty rambunctious, and that is why you might want to spare some extra space in your backyard – they are also known to be escape artists so you will need to make sure the fencing is all in order.

There you go! These are great kid-friendly dogs for you to consider. Remember that every dog has their own unique nutritional and health needs. Make sure to check with a vet for expert recommendations on how to keep your dog healthy and happy, and make sure he has regular check ups.

But remember you don’t have to get a pure bred dog. There are plenty of loving souls who are in the shelter looking for a home. Just try to find out what breed/s they have come from to give you an idea of their suitability.

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