7 Bird Species that Make the Best Pets


Among the different types of pets, birds are amazing creatures that can bring life to your house. Although cats and dogs are the favorite pets in the U.S. birds are no less, they are unique in their ways and make fantastic pets. Yes, a bird as a pet may not be the best decision for every household since there is …

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Hives in Dogs-Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments


When I brought Rose-a pocket pitbull-home, I had no idea about Hives and other allergic reactions. One evening, she began to play with the fresh flower bouquet I left on the table that afternoon, and within no time I saw these itchy red spots appearing all over her body. It was an alarming situation for me, but now I have …

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Ideas for Setting up a Tropical Fish Tank


When setting up your first tropical fish tank, the simpler you can make it the better. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring either – there are plenty of low maintenance and low budget ideas around which can be used to create a stunning tropical aquarium. Check out this guide to looking after tropical fish from Aquacadabra. Opt for slow growing …

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Cat Dictionary: The Meaning of Cat Gestures


How fun is it if you can talk to your cat and vice versa? Now you can make sense of their puzzling behavior – like why they are being loud all of a sudden when there is absolutely nothing wrong in the house or why they keep trying to lick your face like you’re a giant piece of tuna. Guess …

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FAQ About Pet Insurance


These days, medical technology in veterinary field has been rapidly developed. Many illness and diseases in animals that was fatal and incurable in past can be easily prevented and removed, thanks to the development. Pet owner can breathe easier now knowing that their pet mortality risk due to illnesses has decreased compared to the past years. However, the development comes …

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Must Have Items for New Puppy Parent


Are you excited to be the parent of a new puppy? Now you have a little bundle of fluff to accompany you at home! Expect your day to be a little brighter, night a little warmer, and life a whole lot happier. Puppies are cute and they bring happiness wherever they go. However, every good side has bad side as …

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