The Dos and Don’ts of Feeding Your Dog Human Food


The health and well-being of your dog depends on feeding them a balanced and nutritious diet. While commercial dog food provides the necessary nutrients, many pet owners also like to share their meals with their furry companions. However, it’s crucial to understand that not all human foods are safe or suitable for dogs. The purpose of this article is to …

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Tips For Helping Your Dog Deal With Summer


Dogs are versatile, adaptable animals that are usually happy-go-lucky creatures that are usually up for anything. So you can imagine that when the temperatures climb and your dog is looking a little under the weather, you might be a tad concerned. Fret not. It might simply be due to the rising temperatures on the horizon. Just like humans, dogs get …

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Cat Vs Dog: What Is The Difference Between Raising A Dog Versus A Cat?


How great it is to have a companion by your side all the time! If that is something that you cannot relate to, then it is time for you to adopt a pet. Not only does a pet accompany you through life’s thick and thin, but at the same time, it also boosts your feel-good chemicals in the brain. This …

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Dog Training Tips Every New Owner Should Know


Many new dog owners are clueless when it comes to training their puppies. This is why some choose to take their furry friend to classes or private trainers to learn basic obedience and socialisation. However, training doesn’t always stop with kindergarten classes alone. What many new canine owners fail to understand is that, like children, puppies require consistent training. They …

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What Should I Feed My Dog During Pregnancy?


Waiting for the arrival of young puppies is always an exciting time for pet owners. While your dog is pregnant, one of the greatest concerns would be to provide them with proper nutrition. A healthy diet for your pet is a crucial requirement for the puppies’ development while also ensuring that your dog undergoes a comfortable pregnancy period and birth. …

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Is your dog fat?


How to tell if your dog is in shape or not? If your dog looks a bit more healthy than usual, it’s quite common. We all know the benefits of being fit, eating well, and exercising. We eat healthy food, do exercise, and spend time in the gym to spend maintain a healthy lifestyle. But why you have been neglecting …

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Where should your dog sleep?


Where should your dog sleep? It’s very important to find a good answer to this question. It is your duty as a dog parent to choose the best spot for your dog’s naps. A night of good sleep is very important for your dog’s health. Your dog also needs a good spot to sleep every night. A perfect sleeping spot …

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Can My Dog Eat Caramel?


No, As it can in humans, sugar can also cause diabetes and obesity in dogs. You might notice a change in your dog’s behavior if they eat too much sugar. This could include hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating, and lethargy. If your dog eats caramel, be sure to keep an eye on him and contact your vet immediately. What’s So Bad About …

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How to choose a dog for your needs and personalities


Are we right for each other? Ask this question before choosing the dog for you. Personality is everything, and it’s as true about the dogs as it about the people. There is no right or wrong way to find the right dog for you. The important thing is finding out the right breed for you that is most compatible with …

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How To Stop Your Dog From Barking


Generally, cries from human children are (relatively) easy to understand. Are they hungry? Hurting? Sleepy? Just ask! They’ll tell you. However, understanding why your dog is barking or crying can be a little more difficult to decipher. There are a lot of reasons why your dog may be barking excessively. If they’re young, it’s best to figure out your dog’s …

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