Training and Guarding tips for German shepherd

A German shepherd is a natural protective to his owner and family and he is very intelligent that he can perform any command or task easily. He has loving behavior towards his owner and he loves to play with family, children, and owner.

He never has shy or nervous nature by birth he is active and socializes for his training. Because of his training, skills, the intelligence he is considered to be the best police dog, guard dog, military dog, and rescue dog. He has excellent skills in sports, obedience, tracking, herding, and rally. He likes to play vigorous training and all the training sessions.

Training tips for German shepherd

In this article, we will help to make your dog as a trained German shepherd. A German shepherd has clever nature and easily adaptable. He can get all the commands only in 2 or 3 trials and follow each command. So, following are the tips for your German shepherd.

  • Find an alpha leader in your home for your dog – Before starting the training process of your German shepherd, you should find a person in your house that has strong and confident behavior. Because an alpha leader can command the German shepherd so that your dog can follow it. An alpha leader only provides the instructions for the German shepherd and then he has to follow the command. Finding an alpha leader in your home is the initial step of your German shepherd training.
  • Give German shepherd Crate training – Another step for your dog to convert it into a trained German shepherd is that you should give him crate training from the starting. Yes, when you bring your dog to your house you should give him this crate training. In this training process, you have put your dog inside the crate from 10 to 20 minutes so that he can spend some time inside it. However, in the starting, your dog may be cry or bark and wants to come out of the crate but you have to keep him inside for at least 10 minutes. Repeat this training process after 1 or 2 hours so that he gets familiar with the process and start enjoying this crate training.
  • Give him instructions for not to chew furniture – The biggest problem an owner faces that when his dog started chewing the furniture. Yes, this is true that dogs chew the furniture during their teething process. To prevent this you have to train or command your dog for not to chew furniture and objects. So, if want to avoid this or prevent your furniture and object from chewing then buy a bitter spray and then sprayed it all over the objects the furniture. And whenever you see that your dog is chewing some object or a part of furniture then you do not yell at that time. Take your dog with you and teach him to chew his dogs, not the furniture. And after this good activities and behavior, you should give him a special reward for appreciation.

German shepherd-Guard Dog activities

As you watch the activities of a German shepherd you can easily measure that his activities are increases as his body size increases. Yes, you can also say activity is directly proportional to the size of a German shepherd. He is very faithful and attentive instead of being aggressive towards others. If we talk about the aggression we can say that he is bold instead of aggression.

German shepherd does not need any kind of specific training but you have to ensure that he needs a regular walk and play to keep his mind and body energetic. And German shepherd is not suitable for those who want to spend long hours at home instead of going out. A German shepherd is active and enjoys running, hiking, swimming with family and owner.

He is very protective towards his family and has a slightly different and unfamiliar behavior towards strangers. He serves his family with loyalty, faithfulness for many years because he loves his family. He is very socializing, ready to train and loyal, all these reasons are perfect for a German shepherd as a guard dog.


A German shepherd is not only a dog he is a loyal and faithful companion of the family. He likes to play with kids, family members, and owner. So, whenever you think about keeping a dog German shepherd, a guard dog should be your first choice.

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