February 22, 2019
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10 Natural Home Remedies for Dog Ailments


If your dog gets ill it is a natural and appropriate reaction to call the vet, particularly if your dog has an underlying medical condition, but if you end up rushing to the vet for every tiny problem the bills can soon add up. The good news is, if your dog has a very minor complaint unrelated to a prior …

Dog walking is a fitness mantra for your dog


Today many people owe domestic animals. These domestic animals have now become friendlier to the humans. Most of the pet owners can’t live without their pets because they have become an integral part of their family. When talking about the domestic pet one of the most common pets in many houses is the dog. Pet owners have now gone to …

Training and Guarding tips for German shepherd


Introduction A German shepherd is a natural protective to his owner and family and he is very intelligent that he can perform any command or task easily. He has loving behavior towards his owner and he loves to play with family, children, and owner. He never has shy or nervous nature by birth he is active and socializes for his …

10 Great Dogs for Children


If your kid is a pet lover, getting them a dog is a great thing you can do for them. A kid-friendly family dog not only helps to keep your kid active, helpful and playful but also boosts their happiness level and responsibility tremendously. However, not all dog breeds are perfect for kids – so as a responsible pet owner, …

How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy While Traveling


Spring and summers are a great time to make your vacations memorable and enjoyable. You can explore places and make your trip adventurous with friends and family. If you are a pup parent and wondering what to do, then I must tell you that taking dog pet along with you on your journey will make it more exciting and fun-filled. …

Tracerz Offers Life-Changing Assistance to Blind Dogs


It’s fairly difficult to estimate how many of our dogs can’t see and live with either partial blindness or our fully blind, but the closest estimate is over 300,000. That number is quite shocking, but for whatever reason, it’s not talked about. And it’s not just the statistics that are difficult to find, but almost everything associated with blindness in …

10 Reasons Why a Mixed-Breed Dog Is a Purr-fect Choice for a Pet


What is a Mixed-breed dog? Mixed-breed dogs also affectionately called mutts or designer dogs are the pups born as a result of the mating of two non-purebreds. Purebreds are the dogs that have a pedigree, meaning they are registered and are the offspring of two purebreds of the same breed. That is why they have characteristic features, shapes, and colors …

Hives in Dogs-Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments


When I brought Rose-a pocket pitbull-home, I had no idea about Hives and other allergic reactions. One evening, she began to play with the fresh flower bouquet I left on the table that afternoon, and within no time I saw these itchy red spots appearing all over her body. It was an alarming situation for me, but now I have …

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