Do cats feel love when you kiss them ?- A deep insight

How do you feel when you kiss your cat? Happy isn’t it. But how would the cat feel? Have you ever thought of it?
A report says that people often kiss their cat and enjoy the most but they are unsure if the cat would enjoy relishing their love

Cat’s behavior:

People like to hug, cuddle, kiss their cat but cats don’t reciprocate the same. At times they purr, at times they lean and at times they rub their head on you when you cuddle them. Is it a way to express his affection. And the answer is yes. When a cat purrs or leans back then assume that your cat is enjoying your pampering and your kiss

Some cats, when you kiss them show a wired behavior like whipping its tail back and forth. It at times even moves away from you and hisses at you. If the cat exhibits above symptoms then surely you can say that your cat dislikes your kiss.

You can make your cat feel your love by kissing him but it does not do the same with a cat. Kissing ain’t be a good way to express your love for your cat. You might be wondering about how to understand a cat’s love. Then for a sure walk with me to understand your cats love

Understand your cat:

Eyes speak volumes:

Cats do not kiss like humans and they are not that good to exhibit their love for you. But you can identify and feel its love through this article. Cats often communicate through their eyes. The biggest expression “I love you” is shown to you by your cat with a slow eye wink. It neither kisses you or hugs you, just an eye wink is enough for you to understand that your cat is reciprocating to your love.

Head bump:

I often wonder when my cat bumps me on my had. As days passed I understood this. I think most of you might have felt the same. Yes when your cat bumps on your head, it means that your cat loves you. As your cat approaches your face and touches you then you should feel happy for it. As your cat gets more friendly with you, it slowly bumps your head.


Have you experienced the smell of your cat? Yes, you read it right. There is a marvel scent smell in the cheek of your cat. If you have not smelled it, then you should work more on the relationship that exists between you and your cat. Cats have these scent glands on their lips and cheeks. When a cat rubs its cheek on you and makes you feel its scent, then this is definitely an indicator to make you understand its love for you.

Uprighting its tail:

Can you imagine that a cat communicates to you through its tail?. Cats communicate every emotion like fear, aggression, love affection, happiness through their tails kitties comes near you tap you physically tap you and touch you with its tail. This warm feeling of a cat is an expression of cats love to you.

Cats purr and chirp, mews are its language to communicate with each other. But often young kitties communicate to you in any of these above-mentioned forms. A cat’s purr is a sign of cats’ love for you.

At times a cat keeps hanging around you. Some move around you for food and some around you to express their feelings for you. Now if you see a cat moving around you then understand that it needs your love. Hug it right there.

What does a cat feel?

Is it true that only humans have deep feelings like love? What do cats really feel when their head purrs or wrinkles with us?

We are been raised with a thought that only humans have deep feelings like love. Animals only have their natural instincts. Some think that kitten appears to you because it needs you for food and shelter. You give your cat what he needs, and is that all?

Those who think so must change their opinion toward your loving cat.

But unfortunately, there is no one who can prove to it that a cat feels more love than a person does. Love is one of those greatest abstract things that cannot be proven but it can only be felt by gestures, actions, deeds and through communication.

Dictionaries define love with much equivalent meaning like Strong affection, Warm attachment,
Caring for the selfless and benevolent selfishness of others and so on.

Cats, of course, show affection to you but not in a way you love her. It is not only about providing food and shelter. It is more than that. This bond has to be identified and understood.

At times, people compare a dog with a cat in terms of showing love and affection. But some of them do not understand that each and every individual is different in character. Yes, of course, a cat is different from a dog in exhibiting love but it does definitely loves you.

Cats have their own term of showing their love, affection and care. They may not do the same thing to you like a dog. Some define a cat as an animal who is disconnected, unloving. But the truth is quite different. It lies in a person’s hand to understand what a cat feels for

Are cats attached?

Cats form a strong bond with their owners. There are many statistics that shows a cat being distressed about losing his owner. They refuse to eat and some cats have travelled a long way in search of their owner. This definitely shows that exhibits a strong bond to its owner. It is only in the hands of you to understand it.

Feeding your cat is not all enough. Go one step ahead and provide him with good cat food. And never forget to share your love with food. Filling a stomach is feeling a heart. Feed your cat with love and brace your self to expect the unexpected love.

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