What can I give my cat for arthritis pain?

Arthritis in cats or feline rheumatoid osteoarthritis is a disease that can affect felines of any age, whether they are puppies, youngsters or adults. Cats, like us, can suffer from many diseases that are related to the joints, such as feline arthritis.

Arthritis is a very common problem in our felines, this disease reduces their mobility and causes pain, in most cases it is due to our cats being overweight, or it can also be caused by injury, infection or development problems. The most common arthritis is called osteoarthritis, which is the wear and tear of the articular cartilage or the formation of bone tumors within the joints of our felines and this over time can lead to a reduction in joint mobility and cause a lot of pain to the cat.

Natural anti-inflammatory for cats

The use of human drugs can be very dangerous for our pets if they have not been prescribed by the veterinarian, in the same way, many veterinary drugs, despite having been administered correctly, can carry different side effects in their attempt to treat any of common diseases for cats.

If this is the case, you should know that there are several natural anti-inflammatories for cats, some very simple, but no less effective for that. See what they are:

Local heat

With a thermal bag or a hot water bottle, you have an anti-inflammatory for your cat. When we apply local heat to the affected area, the blood vessels dilate, which reduces inflammation and relieves pain very quickly.


Calendula is a plant, in fact, it is the best plant to use when inflammation is associated with wounds. We can apply the mother tincture of this plant by means of a hot water compress that we will apply on the affected area.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is useful for treating inflammation since it increases the potassium levels in the body of the fat, thus facilitating the purification of the body and also of all the waste substances that are part of the inflammatory process and it aggravate.


Turmeric is a culinary species with various medicinal properties, among them, it has anti-inflammatory activity. It will be enough to add half a teaspoon to your cat’s food, every day.

Natural pain relief for cats

Hiding pain is a knee-jerk response for felines in the wild. A cat in pain is seen as weak and vulnerable by other predatory cats. Since your spoiled cat is not entirely removed from his wild counterparts, his response to pain is the same, they reserve it for him.

Fortunately, an attentive designer who knows what signs to look for often realizes when her cat is in pain.

CBD Oil For Cats

Premium CBD Oil for Cats is made from the best organic hemp grown in Colorado and inspired by our own experiences with CBD for cats with anxiety and aggression.

Just like the process that goes into CBD from places like this CBD brand by Bo Jackson, each product for cats is made with only the best human-grade ingredients and thoroughly tested to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Each product is made with only the best human-grade ingredients and we thoroughly test each one.

Safe anti-inflammatories for cats

Domestic animals, both dogs and cats, are especially sensitive to certain substances. NSAIDs, anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal analgesics, are a group of drugs used mainly as analgesics, anti-inflammatories and antipyretics. Some are commonly used in veterinary medicine, dosed and administered according to the characteristics and susceptibility of each species.

But using natural anti-inflammatories for our pets is usually the best option at a certain moment of pain. These home remedies give the necessary security to administer it to the animal without any doubt, to avoid more pain. Some tips that will help make the natural treatment against inflammation more effective are:

  • If the affected area compromises the optimal mobility of your cat, it is essential that you ensure that it remains a large part of the day at rest, since the more we move an inflamed tissue, the more it becomes inflamed.
  • The pain caused by inflammation can reduce your cat’s appetite, therefore, you should feed it with moist, fragrant and tasty food.
  • When inflammation is associated with trauma with open wounds, it is important to apply an antiseptic and whenever possible not cover the wound in order to promote better healing.
  • You must ensure that your cat drinks as much water as possible and reduce the presence of salt in its diet, in this way, it will reduce its body volume and improve the evolution of the inflamed tissue.
  • Do not administer anti-inflammatories for human use, it could potentially life threatening.
    Finally, the ideal will be to find anti-inflammatories that work for your feline’s pain.

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