Pet Travel Essentials: Must-Haves When You Travel With Your Pet


If you’re a new pet parent, you must be thinking, what to do with your pets when you go on vacation? Well, the best option is to take them with you! With so many pet-friendly hotels, spas, and resorts, it’s now easier than ever to travel with your dog! But it does need some planning and preparation. And since your …

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5 Pet-friendly Attractions in California to Visit in 2021


It’s wonderful that you want to travel with your pet without leaving them behind with your neighbor or a friend. When you take your pet along especially when it’s a dog, you will realize it was the second-best decision of your life. The first one to adopt a dog in the first place. Vacationing in the USA gives you a …

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We Took Our Cat Overseas, Here’s What We Learned.


Three years ago, my wife and I moved from the UK to Indonesia where my she had gotten a job in a private school. One year later, we rescued a 4-year-old cat, we called her Perdu, French for ‘lost’. We lived just outside Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, a place where there are a lot of stray cats. They were badly …

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How to travel with your pet in a car safely


It’s important to take your dog to new places often to make them happy as they love nothing more than taking in the sights, sounds and most importantly the smells of these place and perhaps meet new doggy friends, too. For some lucky people who live in a rural area where everything is easily accessible walking is the only method …

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Sleeping solutions for camping with your dog


Your pets might not participate in all vacations, but they should not miss your camping vacations. The dog might be your companion or your best friend, and therefore it makes sense for you to bring him along on your preferred outdoor adventures. However, before you start packing the water bowl and throwing a leash in the backpack, you should consider …

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Safe Travel With Pets


Traveling is an event that everybody is looking forward to. Who doesn’t like getting away from work and mundane daily life to a new, beautiful place, even if only for several days? The image of white sands and blue sea on the beach or the greens of the mountain can even heal you from stress. Unfortunately, for pet owner, traveling …

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