Tricks to Teach Your Cat and Dog to Get Along


Do dogs and cats really hate each other? It is hard to be certain. Dogs love having fun and chasing almost about anything that moves and the reaction of cats to a dog chasing them is quite normal. Even you would run away screaming if a dog chases after you. Maybe you have heard of the phrase “fight like cat …

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Things Your New Kitten Will Need


Bringing home a new cat is a task of responsibility and you should be prepared to take up the new responsibility. The transition from shelter home to your house is stressful for kittens and it is important that you take every step necessary to make the transition smooth for your new feline. In this article, we are going to run …

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3 important Tips to Train Your Cat


People are living in a misconception that cats can’t be trained. But, cats are highly intelligent and can be easily taught a number of behaviors. Cat should be raised like bringing up children. Cat should be given proper training and care when they are small, it increases the chances that they will grow into a healthy and social adult. You …

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Anxiety and Stress in Cats: How to Recognize, Prevent and Reduce It


Cats are pretty consistent animals that love their routine and will do anything to stick to it. That’s why, if you notice any changes in your pet’s behaviour, one possible reason behind it can be stress. You might be wondering what cats have to be stressed about, but humans perceive stress in a much different way. It actually takes very …

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Cat Dictionary: The Meaning of Cat Gestures


How fun is it if you can talk to your cat and vice versa? Now you can make sense of their puzzling behavior – like why they are being loud all of a sudden when there is absolutely nothing wrong in the house or why they keep trying to lick your face like you’re a giant piece of tuna. Guess …

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When Your Cat is Misbehaving


Cat rules over human, that’s the general consensus seem to agree. Cat’s IDGAF behavior has been fueling the meme world for years and is responsible for the overwhelming number of cat videos in Youtube. And while watching bundle of fluffy hairs acting like the world is made for them is fun at a screen away, it’s not so much when …

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