Senior Pet Nutrition: Addressing Unique Dietary Needs in Ageing Animals


As our beloved pets gracefully enter their golden years, their nutritional requirements undergo significant changes. The ageing process impacts animals in various ways, influencing their metabolism, immune system, and overall health. Consequently, a tailored and well-balanced diet becomes paramount in ensuring that our senior companions lead happy, healthy lives. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the distinctive nutritional needs of …

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How to Plan Your Trip While Leaving Your Pet Behind?


Dogs make wonderful companions and make great pets for us to keep at home. They are probably considered one of the most loved and entertaining pets. Now it is our responsibility to take good care of these caring creatures who always make us smile. Dogs are one of the few animals which easily fit into our lives and become an …

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How to Train Your Pet in a New Environment


Adjusting to a new environment can be equally tricky for both people and pets since we are all creatures of habit. You made the decision to move, and you probably had good reasons to do it, but no one really asked your pet if he was up for it. Since the chances are high that you’ll be dealing with a …

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How to travel with your pet in a car safely


It’s important to take your dog to new places often to make them happy as they love nothing more than taking in the sights, sounds and most importantly the smells of these place and perhaps meet new doggy friends, too. For some lucky people who live in a rural area where everything is easily accessible walking is the only method …

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10 Reasons Why a Mixed-Breed Dog Is a Purr-fect Choice for a Pet


What is a Mixed-breed dog? Mixed-breed dogs also affectionately called mutts or designer dogs are the pups born as a result of the mating of two non-purebreds. Purebreds are the dogs that have a pedigree, meaning they are registered and are the offspring of two purebreds of the same breed. That is why they have characteristic features, shapes, and colors …

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FAQ About Pet Insurance


These days, medical technology in veterinary field has been rapidly developed. Many illness and diseases in animals that was fatal and incurable in past can be easily prevented and removed, thanks to the development. Pet owner can breathe easier now knowing that their pet mortality risk due to illnesses has decreased compared to the past years. However, the development comes …

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