Cat Vs Dog: What Is The Difference Between Raising A Dog Versus A Cat?


How great it is to have a companion by your side all the time! If that is something that you cannot relate to, then it is time for you to adopt a pet. Not only does a pet accompany you through life’s thick and thin, but at the same time, it also boosts your feel-good chemicals in the brain. This …

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How to Make Sure Your Cat Stays Healthy


Contrary to what some people may say, cats are kind and loving animals. To keep your cat healthy, it is recommended that you follow a few simple tips. Many of these tips can be incorporated into the routine you currently have for your pet. Brush Your Cat Daily If you brush your cat daily, you will minimize the number of …

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Things To Know Why Your Cat Needs Regular Check-Ups


Cats or dogs are lovable creatures that are fun to be around because of their loyalty and cuteness. Even some people trust them higher than humans as they never expect something in return. Your pet gives you entertainment, love, emotional support and loyal friendship at its fullest and thus it’s crucial to take care of it. It’s noted that many …

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Things You Should Know When Moving Long Distance With Your Cat


Is your cat an adventurous animal who likes to explore, or a rather grumpy character? Whatever the answer may be, prepare yourself for a whirlwind of mood swings in case you’re moving with cats. They are creatures of habit who love their territory more than anything and will go to great lengths to protect it. So, if you try to …

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All About Neutering Your Cat


You may have noticed your cat acting more hyperactive than it usually is. The cat has this pent up energy and will look for anything and everything to display that on. More often than not this is because the cat has reached its sexual maturity and needs to attend to that. Cats can reproduce very early on due to early …

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What can I give my cat for arthritis pain?


Arthritis in cats or feline rheumatoid osteoarthritis is a disease that can affect felines of any age, whether they are puppies, youngsters or adults. Cats, like us, can suffer from many diseases that are related to the joints, such as feline arthritis. Arthritis is a very common problem in our felines, this disease reduces their mobility and causes pain, in …

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Does My Cat Needs Supplement?


You are shopping for your cat. Inside your cart, you already have some boxes of cat food, a new scratch board, and a bottle of shampoo. Your checklist is clear and you decide to pay them, but on the way to the cashier you notice a whole row of supplement and vitamin – specifically made for cat to ensure their …

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When Your Cat Throws Up Hairball


Fluffy is lounging around on the couch, napping and enjoying the day like any good cat would, but suddenly she wakes up, sits up and throws up. You are alarmed and immediately go to her, and find out that among the digested food, there is something that looks like a hairy tube. That is cat’s hairball. Throwing up hairball happens …

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Common Sickness in Your Cat


Your cat can get sick too. Even if cat is generally a clean creature who bathe himself everyday, he can – once in a while – contact a virus or bacteria and get infected. There are five most common sicknesses that may infect your cat. Learn more about the symptoms, what causes them, and also how to treat them or …

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What to do if your cat is not using the litter box


No doubt, cats, the feline friends are lovely and sweet creatures, but cleaning their poop is not an easy and pleasant task. Although the cat is a well-behaved animal, sometimes she chooses a different spot in the house for pooping instead of a litter box. You come back from the office after spending a hectic day and see an unpleasant …

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