Effective Home Remedies for Cat Colds

There are several signs that you can notice when your cat has a cold. But the question here is what you can do to treat cold in cats. There are some effective home remedies for cat colds that you can do as a treatment.

For this reason, this article is going to focus on symptoms of cold in cats. Moreover, we will also talk about the easy to do and effective remedies for cat colds. So please stick to the end so that you can treat your feline fellow whenever it has a cold.

Symptoms of Cat Colds

Cat in the cold is a common health issue, which is not dangerous that much, but it still needs to recover. There are several symptoms that you will notice when your cat has a cold. Let’s have a look at these.

  • Discharge from eyes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose

Effective Home Remedies for Cat Colds

Now let’s move towards the home remedies that are easy to do and give your cat relief from cold.

Giving Chamomile Steam:

The first thing you can do at home is chamomile steam. Chamomile steam is beneficial in relieving congestion in cats. For this, you need 1 quart of boiling water and pour it on one tablespoon leaves of chamomile tea leaves in a pot.

Place your cat in a carrier near the chamomile steam. For best results, try to place the pot underneath the cat’s nose. Moreover, also drape a towel on the page so that the smoke does not escape. Please make sure you sit with your cat so that it gets proper steam.

Vitamin C Tablets:

Vitamin C is essential for cats, as it is for human beings. So, one of the next effective home remedies for cat colds is vitamin C tablets. It enables the body to fight with cold. For this, you need to crush a tablet of vitamin C and mix it with tuna. It will not only be taste but an effective home remedy as well.

Moreover, if your cat is used to taking medicines, you can place the tablet at the back of its mouth. Vitamin C is also essential for cats that do not eat.

Some Additional treatments:

There is another home remedy that you can do to treat your cat sneezing. For this, you need to make an herbal mixture using all-natural ingredients. Take an equal amount of marigold and nettle tea. Mix half teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar that is unprocessed. Mix it in the tea with a less than one teaspoon honey per mixture. You can give four drops of this mixture daily to your cat. It will help to treat cold in your cat.

Grooming your cat:

Grooming is essential for your cats, and it is one way to help your cat breathe easier. Purring is necessary for cats, and grooming usually helps in Cat purring. For this, you can use either a regular brush or the one with rubber bristles to groom your cat. It will help you cat purr and breathe easily.

Moreover, also try to show love and affection to your cat as it also helps in cat purring.

Keep Eyes on Cat’s Food:

If your cat is having congestion, it will not eat anything shared with most cats. However, you need to make sure that your cat eats something; otherwise, it can lead to other problems. Keep giving your cat some special treats such as sardine juice, raw chicken, or liver baby food with no added onions or a teaspoon of tuna.

Encouraging your cat to eat:

Make sure that your cat eats something, especially if it suffers from congestion. Warm wet foods are effective in treating cold in your cats. Moreover, if your cat is not eating something, you can offer it some special treats.

Other Things you can Do at Home:

Apart from some effective home remedies for cat colds, you can do some other things at home to help relieve cold in cats. Let’s have a look at these

  • Place a humidifier in a small room where your cat is sitting. For better results, you can add lavender oil, which will increase the healing process.
  • Make sure that you also check the elimination habits of your cat. It should urinate and pass stools usually. It shouldn’t be either too hard that is a sign of dehydration, or not too soft that is diarrhea. In any of these cases, you should see a vet.
  • If your cat is healthy, it should have slick gums covered in saliva. However, if your cat has brick red gums, it’s an indication of dehydration.
  • You can also do to treat cold in cats is putting your cat in the bathroom while the hot water shower is running. The steam from the hot water will help open your cat’s nasal passageway and help breathe easily.
  • It is always important to check if your cat’s nasal passageways are clean or not. Also, keep an eye on the food and water intake of your cat. You should immediately consult your vet if your cat has not eaten something for one day.
  • Always keep an eye on your cat; if it’s behaving abnormal or weird, you need to interpret what your cat is trying to say.


A cat sneezing is common in cats; however, you should not leave it untreated if it sneezes frequently. There are some effective home remedies for cat colds that are easy to do and help treat your cat. Moreover, there are also a couple of things you can do at home.

Chamomile steam is effective in treating colds and helps your cat to breathe easily. Also, grooming will help in cat purring that will ultimately help your cat live easily.

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