3 important Tips to Train Your Cat

People are living in a misconception that cats can’t be trained. But, cats are highly intelligent and can be easily taught a number of behaviors. Cat should be raised like bringing up children. Cat should be given proper training and care when they are small, it increases the chances that they will grow into a healthy and social adult. You can easily guide your cat to be a much lovelier member of your family.

Tips to Train your Cat

1. Litter Box Use

Possibly the prior most training you’ll look to give your cat, is the process of using the litter box for very clear reasons. It is not difficult at all to train a cat to use a litter box. Cats are usually clean and have a nature to bury their left-over. Follow the below steps to train your cat about how to use a litter box:

  • In the beginning, put a clean litter box in a secret area with your cat, like a basement in your house. Cats also seek for privacy.
  • Make your cat has good food and clean water to enjoy.
  • Don’t worry if your cat put left-over outside of the litter box, place the left-over in the litter box. This act of yours will encourage the cat to go in the litter box as the smell of left-over will attract.
  • In the next two or three days of being habitual with the litter box, the cat will start to use the box on its own.
    If the cat still not using the litter box after a couple of days, perform this: After feeding your cat, lift the cat to place in the litter box and then just tap on the surface of the litter box with your fingers. This act of yours will encourage the cat to use litter box. Make sure the box is clean and tidy. Regularly clean it with soap, soda powder and lukewarm water.

2. Socialize with Outsiders

The main socialization phase for cats starts during the age of two to three weeks. Most of the cats are scared as adults and try to escape when outsiders come over as they were only habitual to a specific number of people that is only of the family. Outside of their family members, they are scared. Follow the below steps to train your cat about how to be socialize:

  • Perform several fun-filled picnics with your cat and invite your friends as well colleagues over to your home. This will make your cat more socialize than earlier.
  • Praise your cat each new outing with gifts, treats, fondling, toys, and pampering, and avoid targeting your cat to the point where she screams because of outsider presence.
  • Make loud noise and play music. Provide paper bags, boxes and scratching objects for her to increase her reflexives.
  • Use of cat harness and string makes it simple to take the cat on outings to a friend’s place or to the grocery store.
  • The best approach to let your cat be comfortable around a number of animals, mainly dogs and birds, is to introduce with cat-friendly dogs.

But prior to exposing your cat to other cats, make a visit to your vet to make sure the cat is protected from infections with the proper immunizations.

3. Train Your Cat to Sit

The more an animal is appreciated for a behavior, the friendlier behavior is to be observed in the future. To ensure behavior is not a problem in the future, teach a basic behavior, like sit. This behavior is very much rewarded from the very start. To teach the sitting behavior, mark the time your cat sits and reward her on the spot. A clicker device can be used to train her, or you can simply make a sound like “good” or “yeah” as the cat tail hit the floor. Instantly after seeing the cat sit, place her the food reward, like the fish or canned food. If your cat reaches up with his foot or try to stand on his back feet, lift her by moving treat out of reach, till all his feet are on the floor. This will stop you from rewarding undesirable conduct like standing on his back feet instead of the basic behavior (sitting). At last, be sure your cat is hungry and thus looking for the reward — by training at the meal times.

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I love pets and have three cats at my home. I like to train them and makes sure that they behave in a better manner. I try out different training tips for cat to work, but the above-mentioned tips of mine are the best. Hope all the above cat litter box odor control tips are liked by you. Do follow these tips and revert back about your valuable experiences. You can reach me on multiple social media platforms.

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