5 Reasons To Invest in A Robot Vacuum For Homes With Pets

When it comes to household chores, vacuuming can easily be one of the most tedious. If you have a home with pets, you know the struggles of always having to drag out your vacuum and clean up after your pets. Vacuuming is also one of the most time-consuming chores, which is one of the biggest reasons robot vacuums are as popular as they are.

Robot vacuums have come a long way in the past ten years. They are smarter, stronger, and cheaper. If you have homes with pets, the pros of jumping on the robot vacuum bandwagon far outweigh the cons. The following are a few great reasons to get a robot vacuum if you have a home with one or multiple pets.

1. They Are Smart Enough To Memorize Your Floor Plan

Depending on the level of robot vacuum cleaner you invest in, you’ll find their specs vary greatly. The upper-level vacuum cleaners, like the Roomba 980 or 960 offer full floorplan mapping. This allows your robot to learn its environment and clean more effectively.

In most cases, all you have to do is set your robot vacuum cleaner on a schedule and let it do its thing. The first time you let your robot run, it will take a survey of its surroundings so the next time it cleans, it knows precisely where it is and where its been. This means that you don’t have to worry about it missing certain areas and can be sure all of your floors are being cleaned adequately.

If you don’t have the budget for a premium robot vacuum, some less expensive models have this feature, but it won’t be as intuitive.

2. They Save You Time

Time is something that you can’t get back. One of the biggest reasons pet owners decide to invest in a robot vacuum is because they spend so much time cleaning up pet hair. If you have a heavy shedder on your hands, you’re probably familiar with having to vacuum daily just to keep a relatively clean home. With a robot vacuum, it can set it to clean your floors every day, or even multiple times a day.

With most robot vacuums, you’ll still have to bring out your upright every so often to get the hard to reach areas. You can expect the robot vacuum to do about 90% of your vacuuming for you.

If you have multiple pets, you’ll probably only have to touch up your floors every couple of months. However, you will still have to worry about keeping upholstery cleaned as robot vacuums can’t do that for you.

3. They Help Keep Fleas Away

Simply because robot vacuums are easier and more efficient, if you have one, you’re bound to vacuum more than you would without one. If you have multiple pets, daily vacuuming can mean the difference between a flea infestation and no fleas at all. If you have carpets, fleas can be hard to keep at bay, especially during the summer months.

By setting a schedule with your robot vacuum, you can expect the number of fleas you find in your home to go down. If you have pets that have a flea allergy, this is a life saver.

4. They Aren’t As Expensive As They Once Were

Now that technology has advanced, investing in a robot vacuum isn’t as big of a deal as it once was. Sure, there are still models that can cost up over $800, but the majority of robot vacuums that are suitable for homes with pets come in at a far lower price tag.

Choosing to purchase a robot vacuum doesn’t have to be some reserved for the wealthy. Just about any family who can afford to have multiple pets can afford to buy an entry-level robot vacuum. In fact, robot vacuums often times require less maintenance than traditional upright vacuums and can save you money in the long term.

5. Most Pets Don’t Mind Them

Contrary to what the internet might lead you to believe, most animals don’t think twice about a robot vacuum strolling along past them. I have introduced dogs and cats to various robot vacuums, and every time, they are curious for a second, but they ultimately don’t mind it being there. For dogs that are typically afraid of the traditional, loud upright vacuums, this can help ease anxiety and make cleaning less stressful on your pup.

Things To Keep In Mind

Now that you know all the great benefits of a robot vacuum, this article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some of the drawbacks. So, before you go running off to buy a shiny new vacuum, keep the following in mind.

1. Your Pets Need To Be House Trained

One thing that pet owners don’t realize before purchasing a robot vacuum is that if your animals aren’t house trained, a robo-vac can make more of a mess than it cleans up. Since most vacuums run on a schedule, if your pet has an accident while you’re away or in another room and your vacuum starts up, you’ll likely have a more widespread mess to worry about.

2. Only Some Models Have HEPA Filters

If you have allergies or are generally irritated by pet dander, keep in mind that when shopping for a robot vacuum, you need to look for one that has a HEPA filter. This can make a huge difference in the air quality and filtration you can expect from your vacuum cleaner.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know just about everything there is to know about robot vacuum cleaners, it’s up to you to decide if one is right for your home with pets. There are plenty of benefits to investing in a robot vacuum cleaner, but there are drawbacks as well.

Make sure to do your research into the different brands and features of each vacuum cleaner to ensure you’re getting the best value for the price. Remember that these little gadgets are not meant to replace an upright vacuum entirely, but instead take the edge off of cleaning a home, especially one with pets.

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