Make Sure Your Furry Friend Is Properly Fed: The Best Kitten Foods in Dubai


You’ve just brought home your new kitten and you couldn’t be more excited. Your little bundle of fluff is adorable, and you can’t wait to start playing with him and spoiling him rotten. But there’s one thing you need to remember before you do anything else: kitten food. There are a lot of different types of kitten food out there, …

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7 Most Common Behavioral Problems Of Cats


Cats are a mystery, sometimes even to feline lovers. The most common behaviour you may have noticed with cats is that they love to purr, rub, cling, and cuddle. But, there’s a lot more to them that meets the eye. Your cat’s behaviour may not always be agreeable and that is when you should start worrying. Let’s have a look …

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Ways Big & Small to Help Homeless Cats


Do you want to help cats but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re interested in volunteering with a local rescue, concerned about a community cat, want to help a neighborhood stray find a home, or adopt a cat, you’ve come to the right place. House of Petz outlines some of the best ways that everyday people like you can …

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How to Make Sure Your Cat Stays Healthy


Contrary to what some people may say, cats are kind and loving animals. To keep your cat healthy, it is recommended that you follow a few simple tips. Many of these tips can be incorporated into the routine you currently have for your pet. Brush Your Cat Daily If you brush your cat daily, you will minimize the number of …

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8 Most Popular Grey Cat Breeds


Drooped, erected, tall, or folded-eared, lazy or highly energetic, intelligent or clownish, densely coated or completely hairless, the feline world has all the types of cats for cat owners that would love to have a moon-colored cat. From all of the cat breeds, we have cherry-picked the 8 most popular grey cat breeds to help you find the best one …

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Things To Know Why Your Cat Needs Regular Check-Ups


Cats or dogs are lovable creatures that are fun to be around because of their loyalty and cuteness. Even some people trust them higher than humans as they never expect something in return. Your pet gives you entertainment, love, emotional support and loyal friendship at its fullest and thus it’s crucial to take care of it. It’s noted that many …

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Things You Should Know When Moving Long Distance With Your Cat


Is your cat an adventurous animal who likes to explore, or a rather grumpy character? Whatever the answer may be, prepare yourself for a whirlwind of mood swings in case you’re moving with cats. They are creatures of habit who love their territory more than anything and will go to great lengths to protect it. So, if you try to …

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Choosing the Right Kitty Litter


When you first get a cat, one of the many things you need once you arrive home is the proper kitty litter and a litter box for your cat. As there are many choices on the market, it can be difficult to find one that will match your cat’s needs. Before we get down to the nitty gritty of cat …

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All About Neutering Your Cat


You may have noticed your cat acting more hyperactive than it usually is. The cat has this pent up energy and will look for anything and everything to display that on. More often than not this is because the cat has reached its sexual maturity and needs to attend to that. Cats can reproduce very early on due to early …

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