7 Most Common Behavioral Problems Of Cats


Cats are a mystery, sometimes even to feline lovers. The most common behaviour you may have noticed with cats is that they love to purr, rub, cling, and cuddle. But, there’s a lot more to them that meets the eye. Your cat’s behaviour may not always be agreeable and that is when you should start worrying. Let’s have a look …

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Why Sometimes Your Cat Hates Other Cats


You just rescue a sweet little tabby from a shelter, hoping she can keep both you and Mickey, your five-year-old cat company. However, when you finally take the little tabby home, Mickey is all hissy fit and loud growl. Does he have a problem with this certain little tabby or does he have problem with any other cat? Seeing your …

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Do cats feel love when you kiss them ?- A deep insight


How do you feel when you kiss your cat? Happy isn’t it. But how would the cat feel? Have you ever thought of it? A report says that people often kiss their cat and enjoy the most but they are unsure if the cat would enjoy relishing their love Cat’s behavior: People like to hug, cuddle, kiss their cat but …

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Reasons to Choose A Vet For Your Dogs And Cats


It is no surprise that Veterinary medicine is a special branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis as well as treatment of diseases and injury in animals. It means pets also need care and treatment. But the question is how to identify it. In dogs and cats, barking is strange for your pet could be an indication of …

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Anxiety and Stress in Cats: How to Recognize, Prevent and Reduce It


Cats are pretty consistent animals that love their routine and will do anything to stick to it. That’s why, if you notice any changes in your pet’s behaviour, one possible reason behind it can be stress. You might be wondering what cats have to be stressed about, but humans perceive stress in a much different way. It actually takes very …

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