About Us

We love pet and we strongly believe in pet welfare. We want all pets in the world to live a long, healthy, and happy life along with their parents. If not all, then at least we want as many as possible.

We want to give the best to our pet, so we understand your need to do the same to your pet. However, there are instances when we don’t know what to do about our pet and we wish to have knowledge to handle those situations.

This site is the actualization of our wish. We provide information, know-how, and tips about raising pets from the most basic to the most advanced, from the old wisdom that has been proven true over and over again to the latest update in the field of pets. Learning from experience, as well as from materials all over the world, we are a complete information source about pets, easily and neatly complied in short and easy to read articles.

We never stop to learn and update our information. When an information is obsolete and a newer, better information is found, we will share it with our readers so we can make more pets healthier and happier together. Our contributors all around the worlds are a mix of pet expert, pet enthusiast, and pet parents who have been living with (or around!) pet for years.

The site contains information about all kind of pet in general. Some of our main categories are:

  • Products for Pet
  • Services for Pet
  • Taking Care of Pet
  • Pet’s Health
  • Pet’s Happiness

Pet parents and pet enthusiast all over the world visit our site to find answers for their questions regarding their pet and we are more than happy to provide information. You can also send your problem and we will try to solve it together. You can share your experience with your pet and exchange knowledge with the other visitor in bulletin board. You can also give each other support in raising your little companion, since we’re all in this together, and we would like you never to feel alone.

We believe that pet and human interaction is mutual, and that maybe we get more from them than they get from us. Pet has given us their warm companion and unwavering loyalty for years. Pet teaches us to be strong yet gentle, strict yet kind. Pet makes us learning about responsibility and caring all over again. For that, the least we can do for them is to take care of them well. For us, the least we can do is to share information on how to do that with you.

We believe in ethical treatment toward pets. We don’t support and will never get involved in any form of pet abuse.

Whether you are new pet parents gathering materials for your first pet adoption next month or pet-enthusiast looking for the newest innovation in pet products, you’ll find this site useful. If you have any inquiry, please email us at: houseofpetz@gmail.com

With the right information, your pet can live longer, healthier, and happier and in turn it will increase the quality of your bond with your pet.

Have a nice day with your little friend!