How to Housetrain an Adult Dog


It’s never too late to housetrain your dog. Whether you’ve just adopted an adult dog or you’ve had your furry friend for a while, it’s important to make sure they know where to do their business. The good news is, with a little patience and consistency, housetraining an adult dog is totally possible. Here’s what you need to know. Create …

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How to Make Sure Your Cat Stays Healthy


Contrary to what some people may say, cats are kind and loving animals. To keep your cat healthy, it is recommended that you follow a few simple tips. Many of these tips can be incorporated into the routine you currently have for your pet. Brush Your Cat Daily If you brush your cat daily, you will minimize the number of …

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How to Calm Hyperactive Dogs?


Many pet parents call their dogs with high energy “hyperactive,” but is their assessment right? Dogs are calm and gentle creatures, but certain circumstances may lead them to act out of control. It is natural for a dog to be moody and behave out of hand. The typical signs of hyperactivity include – the lack of relaxation in familiar environments, …

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How to Handle Your New Bird


One of the biggest challenges that pet owners face, at least when it comes to birds, is how to handle your new pet bird. In the process of finding a bird, you end up buying an expensive cage, toys, perches, and food. But what you don’t think about is how to take care of your new bird and teach him/her …

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How To Buy The Best Natural Dog Supplements For Your Dog?


Around one-third of dogs in the United States are likely to be given nutritional supplements for anything from arthritis and joint stiffness to heart health, digestion, and coat care. Although there isn’t enough data to state that these dog supplements work, there is some promising evidence to promote their usage. The connection between the man and his canine has consistently …

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How To Make Smarter Choices For Your Dog’s Health


It was recently reported that on average one third (33%) of household globally have a dog, and this number is steadily growing. Most of the dogs are overweight and mostly suffer from dental diseases before they even reach their senior years. The best care of your dog means making wise choices. You take your dog to the vet and treat …

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How To Choose The Best Pet Snake ?


Snakes fascinate, amaze and, for some, frighten. They are mostly unknown to the general public. For many, a snake is vicious, aggressive and slimy. Movies or cartoons do not help to improve their image. However, some enthusiasts practice an activity that would give some a nervous breakdown: Terrariophily. It is the passion of reptiles that goes as far as having …

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How to choose a dog for your needs and personalities


Are we right for each other? Ask this question before choosing the dog for you. Personality is everything, and it’s as true about the dogs as it about the people. There is no right or wrong way to find the right dog for you. The important thing is finding out the right breed for you that is most compatible with …

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How to help animal shelters?


Surely if you are an animal lover you have ever wondered how you could do more for them. It is not strange to find news that tells of abandoned or abused dogs and cats with terrible stories that need help to recover and find a new home. You know about the work of different animal protection groups and you would …

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How to Plan Your Trip While Leaving Your Pet Behind?


Dogs make wonderful companions and make great pets for us to keep at home. They are probably considered one of the most loved and entertaining pets. Now it is our responsibility to take good care of these caring creatures who always make us smile. Dogs are one of the few animals which easily fit into our lives and become an …

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