7 Bird Species that Make the Best Pets

Among the different types of pets, birds are amazing creatures that can bring life to your house. Although cats and dogs are the favorite pets in the U.S. birds are no less, they are unique in their ways and make fantastic pets. Yes, a bird as a pet may not be the best decision for every household since there is a lot to consider.

They are social, require lots of space, crave their owner’s attention and require maintenance like all other pet animals so you need to be sure if you can fulfill their needs. Yes, you may be at the risk of getting bitten a few times as well, but they are surely lively creatures.

What may attract many owners is the fact that they talk. Birdies can mimic human words and sing soothing songs, which are beneficial for mental health as revealed by research. There are various factors involved in getting a bird as a pet and therefore must be considered.

If you are sure that you are ready to adopt a birdie, the next step is to analyze which type of feathered companion will suit your personality and lifestyle. Although all birds make fabulous pets, some are easy to handle and thus are an excellent choice for beginners. Here is a list of seven bird species that are perfect for first-time owners:


These lively birds make perfect pets as they are great for kids and also for first-time owners. Cockatiels are recognized by their grey feathers that have orange patches. They love to talk and whistle, so you need to keep this in mind, they aren’t ideal for people that have neighbors living close by who may get disturbed by the sounds. Another factor is their long lifespan, so you must be ready to make a longtime commitment. A medium sized good quality cage will be perfect if you are getting a cockatiel. Make sure you provide them fresh food (both dry and moist) every day.


Another small bird species are the budgies, more commonly known as parakeets that are great for gentle kids. You may have noticed the fact that budgies are readily available and thus many aren’t aware of the value of these birds. Budgies may need to be tamed since they can be fearful.

The process isn’t complicated but taming your budgie does require consistent effort and patience. Once they are domesticated, they can develop a close bond with their owners and would demand attention every day. They are small birds that are now available in a variety of colors ranging from blue to green, white, yellow, violet, etc. They are enjoyable pets that can learn to repeat particular words and love making different sounds.


First-time bird owners, here is another bird that would be the perfect pet for you. The Canaries are a small bird species that are available in a variety of colors ranging from orange, yellow, red, white, blue, cinnamon, and even fawn. Because of their size, they are suitable for small homes and apartments.

The Canaries belong to the family of songbirds that sing beautiful songs. Unlike other pets, these birds don’t require attention at all times and enjoy their time in the cage all by themselves. You can feed your canary seeds, fruits and vegetables cut into suitable sizes and pelleted food along with fresh water.


Finches are a small bird species that are available in a variety of colors and characteristics. The common types that make great pets are the zebra finches, Society finches, and Gouldian finches. The zebra finches are the most common ones and are quite inexpensive. Since these birds are highly social, you should either get them in a pair or a group. Finches don’t like being hand tamed and sing songs to greet their owners.

They aren’t fond of toys, love building nests with sticks and are fans of tassel toys. They fly horizontally so make sure the toys don’t hinder their movement in the cage. Also, the enclosure must be appropriately sized so the birds can exercise their wings and battles can be avoided.

African Greys

The African Grey Parrots are among the types of birds that are popular among pet-owners due to their intelligence and mimicking abilities. They have been reported to imitate the sounds of human beings, pets and even the objects in their surroundings. They can quickly pick up our words, so you have to be careful while speaking around them. Although they are an excellent choice for first-time owners, they require more attention than other types of birds.

You need to give them toys, puzzles, and games that can stimulate their mind and bring them out of their cages regularly so they can spend lots of quality time interacting with humans. Also, they can live up to 40 years, so you need to be mentally prepared for a long-term commitment as well as be able to find out time for these birdies daily.

Quaker Parrot

The bird, also known as Quaker parakeet or monk parakeet is a small green parrot that is lively and cheerful. Some can learn to speak several words while others love to whistle. They enjoy playing and chewing stuff such as cardboard or paper.

They require a few hours of daily interaction with humans and also enjoy living in pairs or groups. Like the greys, they also require mental stimulation and various toys to prevent boredom. The crucial factor about the birds is that they are illegal to own in multiple states, so you need to read up on the laws before getting one.


Although parrotlets are tiny creatures, they have much louder personalities. These birds are easy to handle but require spacious cages. They aren’t very loud hence suitable for those living in apartments. They do repeat a few words but aren’t the best talkers.

Parrotlets are affectionate birds and require several hours to socialize with their humans. They are intelligent, active, and playful and can be fearless so you have to keep them away from your pet cats and dogs as they can put themselves in danger.

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