How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy While Traveling

Spring and summers are a great time to make your vacations memorable and enjoyable. You can explore places and make your trip adventurous with friends and family. If you are a pup parent and wondering what to do, then I must tell you that taking dog pet along with you on your journey will make it more exciting and fun-filled.

Leaving your furry companion behind will make you feel sad that you are leaving behind a family member who will be dependent on others to be taken care of. If you don’t want this stress to occupy a space in your mind, then I would suggest you take your dog with you. However, the tables can turn down if you do not plan the things wisely. So, few tips are provided below which will guide you to keep your dog healthy and happy before and during the journey.

Visit a vet:

First thing first, few months before traveling take your dog to the vet once or twice a month for a checkup. Proper checkups are very important to get your pet in the best shape to travel with you without getting into any hassle. Look for your dog’s vaccination cards and give him shots if any required preventing your furry companion from catching and radical diseases.

Also, keep your pet’s medical record when you are traveling to another country. You might require them in case of any emergency or mishap. In the same concern prepare a proper first aid box for your adorable companion which includes necessary medicines suggested by the vet, a few Benadryl, gauze, tape and antiseptic wipes.


It is your responsibility to take complete care of your dog. Usually, dogs do not like to wear a harness or leash. No matter whether your dog is comfortable wearing a one or not, you must make him wear a harness or a leash while roaming the streets of the new city. Using a leash will decrease the risk of getting him lost.

In addition to this, you should attach a tag to your dog’s harness with your name, your dog’s name and current contact details mentioned on it. You can also mention an alternative contact number in case your number is out of reach. It will be easy to find him in case he gets lost. If your dog is micro chipped, do not forget to ask your vet to scan the chip and confirm the chip placement.

Food and Water:

Taking care of food and water is another essential part as it may affect the health of your furry companion. Keep your dog’s regular food as much as you can because just like humans, dogs do not like eating unfamiliar food, and it will cost you time to look for same food brand in the new city or country.

The other problem that may arise by not keeping your dog’s regular food in abundance is that if your dog even eats food from unfamiliar brand it may cause his stomach upset and you will have to bear the cost. Similarly, always provide your dog with bottled water because drinking water from road side or local creek may cause him sick as it may contain bacteria.

Daily walk

Just like humans, pets also required healthy lifestyle in complement with healthy food. If you provide the best food to your puppy but rarely take him out to play or for a walk, then your puppy may get lazy, dull and sick. Going with a dull and lazy pet on a trip is not a wise decision at all.

To prevent such behavior, you should make a habit to take your dog on a walk daily at least for an hour. This will not only keep your pet active, but it will energize you as well. In addition to this, during traveling your dog won’t get tired quickly because he is already habitual of walking.

Reduce anxiety

You must have always heard this phrase that every human is different. Just like humans, animals also contain different nature. You need to understand your furry companion’s nature by observing his behavior to make your journey enjoyable and hassle-free. Traveling to a new place is always exciting, but sometimes people, as well as animals, get anxious in new surroundings.

Anxiety may make your puppy uncomfortable and uneasy in a new environment, to reduce this course of action you must keep some stuff which makes him feel like a home. For instance, take some chew toys, food pot, belt and his favorite pillow with you. Chew toys also help to reduce anxiety.

Don’t Travel Without Securing:

Never allow your dog to hang his head out of the window as it can be one of the reasons for the accident. If you love roaming around the car, buckle him up just like you buckle up other passengers. You can also get a suitable carrier for your little mate. Find a pet carrier in which your dog can easily stand and turn. Buckling him up or using a pet carrier will minimize distractions while driving and will save some space too.


Never plan to leave your companion alone in car or hotel room. It is not at all dog-friendly; he may experience separation anxiety if you leave him alone. Therefore, you should find a destination where you and your pup can be tagged at the same time.

While traveling to new places your dog may catch fleas or parasites which will not only make his life miserable but yours too. Therefore, take a medicated collar with you to avoid parasites. You should also bring a good flea shampoo with you to remove any fleas if your dog catches any.

Hope the mentioned above tips will help you to plan your next trip with your furry companion wisely.

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