5 Things to Take Into Account When Choosing a Cockapoo

Choosing a new dog to join your family is a serious business, even if this move promises to bring you a lot of fun in the long run. Make the right choice and you will improve your life as well as that of your new furry friend.

On the other hand, choosing your new pet poorly will have a damaging effect on everyone concerned, possibly even leading to you having to give him up eventually. Therefore, it pays to spend some time thinking about the practical matters first of all.

If you been blown away by the cute looks of a Cockapoo then the next step is to seriously the factors that could make him the right or wrong pet for you.

The Amount of Company He Will Have

Cockapoos love nothing more to have lots of company at home. Whether it is with humans or other pets, these dogs don’t want to be left alone for very long. Indeed, they are far more dependent on their family being around them than many other breeds.

This means that you will want to be there for him as often as you can be. If you work from home or have kids in the house then this will make him feel a whole lot better about life. On the other hand, if you are out all day then this is going to make things very difficult.

How Much Fun You Can Give Him

These dog also want to have a lot of fun every day, especially when they are pups. You don’t want your Cockapoo to be bored at home, so you should think about what thrill and spills you can offer him.

If there are no kids at home and you don’t have the time for mucking about then you might want a dog who doesn’t need as much fun in his life. There are plenty of breeds who just want a comfortable life with no nasty surprises but this isn’t one of them.

How Much Time You Have to Train Him and Care for Him

Next, you should think about how long you have available each week to train your new dog and care for him. This is important because Cockapoos need a decent amount of care and attention, although they aren’t the most demanding dogs in the world.

In terms of training, they are quick learners and are sociable enough to be able to go to puppy classes without any hassle. As for grooming and care, their tight curls mean that they are generally pretty easy to look after.

The Amount of Activity He Will Enjoy

Cockapoos are full of energy and enjoy getting out to let of some steam. This means that you won’t want to bring one home if you simply don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to going out and about with him.

However, they are aren’t as demanding as some breeds and don’t need to walk or run for endless hours every day. If you can take him out for a walk to the park each morning or evening then this will probably be enough to keep him happy and healthy.

Will He Get Along with Your Other Pets?

Finally, if you have other pets at home then you are sure to worry about whether or not your Cockapoo will get along with them. This can be a huge concern with some dog breeds but not with this one.

Cockapoos tend to get on famously with any type of dog or cat, meaning that they can fit seamlessly into any home. Unless you have a particularly grumpy pet in your house then you should find that your new dog is soon great friends with your other pets.

This post was written by Mike from Cockapoohq.com

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