What Should You Know About the Bernedoodles?

High-spirited Bernedoodles are a mix of Bernese Mountain dogs and poodles. These make great companions for a family, and they enjoy the company of children. They also provide an exceptional level of loyalty and affection towards the owners. Before getting this adorable breed, here are some things people should know about the Bernedoodles.


Experts claim that the mix of 50% Bernese Mountain dog and 50% poodles are the healthiest generation. These are known as the F1 Bernedoodles. There are types of generations as well, like the F1b, where is a cross percentage of 75% Poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain Dog. Statistically, these breeds are more likely to inherit the curlier hair and less shedding of Poodles. The second type, F2 is defined, as a cross between two F1b Bernedoodles. Consequently, these breeds are susceptible to genetic issues.


Bernedoodles come in a variety of different colors. There are tri- and bi-colored puppies with colors ranging from brown, black, white, to grey. Some dogs are available in all three colors in a pattern, depending on their genes. There are rarer color coats seen in one or two dogs. It comes with a black tone in the white back.

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Shedding level

Bernedoodles have two different types of hair variety: curly and straight. However, even the fluffiest of dogs shed minimally. Experts even suggest that dogs with curly hair are less susceptible to shedding. Hence, they are ideal for families with allergic individuals. People with high symptoms of allergy should buy F2 varieties because they have an undercoat that doesn’t shed often.

Weight and size

A standard Bernedoodle dog weighs anywhere between 50 to 90 lbs. They should stand about 20 to 30 inches, depending on their genetics. As for mini Bernedoodles, they weigh about 25 to 50 lbs. Their height varies from 16 to 20 inches. These are suitable for smaller apartment buildings and living spaces.


As cited earlier, Bernedoodles are extremely affectionate, playful, and loyal. These dogs value companionship with human parents. These dogs also like to be the center of attention and follow their owners around everywhere. People should consider the exercise needs of these dogs and provide good quality physical workouts. These routines are a great time to bond with them as well. Due to their sweet and kind nature, these Bernedoodles get along with small children and other pets. However, they would need proper training to become social and well-mannered.


Some Bernedoodles exhibit stubborn behavior. Especially males, because they are dominant. Most people may find it challenging to train stubborn Bernedoodles. Proper guidance and reinforcements are crucial in such situations to ensure stubborn puppies are turned into well-behaved dogs. There are many training programs available for such Bernedoodles and patients is vital to avoid any undesirable results. The lifestyle of a dog also plays a big part in this process. People should focus on diet plans and workouts to provide the right kind of training.


Contrary to popular belief, Bernedoodles require regular grooming. Even though they don’t shed often, they need proper grooming to remove hair and prevent tangles. Matting is the most common problem for many dogs. It is obvious to book a session with professional groomers who specialize in Bernedoodle pets. Knots and tangles are uncomfortable for dogs, as it causes pain. In addition to professional grooming sessions, one should also care for them daily. Owners must buy the right products and cleaning tools to treat their Bernedoodles. Daily cleaning is also essential, along with professional grooming appointments.

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Health considerations

Most crossbred dogs are less likely to suffer from health problems. However, owners should make sure to buy from ethical breeders who are reputed in their industry. Even though there are no risks of inherited diseases or health conditions, people should take their puppies to regular medical checkups. These appointments allow vets to examine various problems and address them quickly. Most importantly, veterinarians can diagnose any severe issues that could lead to life-threatening consequences. This further helps to save money in the long run. Especially for young puppies, such prompt evaluations will ensure the best health and wellness for the beloved pets.

Outdoor activities

Bernese mountain dogs love being outdoors. They are an active breed that can accompany their owners every day. People can take their pets hiking, trekking, jogging, and other activities. Additionally, owners may also train their dogs to develop swimming skills for better enjoyment.

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