Get a Family Friendly Pet: Top 12 Friendliest Dog Breeds

If you are a dog lover, then there is a high chance that you already have a dog, or are planning to get one.

One other possibility is that you shared your love and young life with a dog years ago.

Now that you’re starting your own family, you are thinking of getting a companion for your child.

Worry not!

Here, I have curated a list of the most lovable and family-friendly dogs to have ever existed.

With the least amount of aggression and the highest amount of love, these dog breeds will keep your child safe and provide them with a lot of affection and love for as long as they live.

So let’s get started.

1. Beagle

Anybody who knows me will know what a big fan I am of Beagles. They’re so cute and friendly! But that’s not the reason why I have mentioned it here. Their small size makes it easy for children to carry them, and they have a calm temperament, perfect for children. Not just that, Beagles are highly active and can play for hours, keeping your children entertained. Ah! They have so much love to give!

2. Collie

Tell me you’ve seen or at least read Lassie! Well, that’s one of the reasons why Collie is a part of this list. With an amazing sense of loyalty, Collies are known to adore children. Don’t worry about the fur! They come in two varieties, rough and smooth, depending on their grooming-adverse. Oh, and of course, they are one of the smartest breeds!

3. Labrador Retriever

I don’t even need to think a second time before adding them to my list! There are so many reasons that make them a favorite. They are loving, intelligent, playful, patient, reliable, and so much more! Plus, Labradors are easy to train, which is a huge bonus for any dog owner, especially if you’re new to the world of canine companionship. Their eagerness to please and quick learning ability make training sessions not only effective but also enjoyable.  If you and your family are up for a little bit of a challenge, then get a Labrador Retriever and have fun handling him! The strength that these dogs have will have you gasping for air!

4. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

If you are the kind of parent who is worried about shedding and allergens, then the Wheaten Terrier is the perfect breed for you. Now, I’m not saying that they don’t shed at all, but they are silky-haired and grow a hypoallergenic coat. Plus, they’re obviously super loving and playful.

5. Bichon Frise

This cutsie lump of white fur is a breed that does not discriminate! I mean, really! For them, nobody is a stranger, and they’re friends with everybody the second they see them. They don’t shed a lot as well, so if you’re looking for a companion for your baby, then Bichon Frise is a great option.

6. Golden Retriever

Did you think I forgot about them? Oh, no, no! How could I forget about one of the smartest, loyal, and extremely kind breeds of the dog world? They’re a perfect match for children, and even if you don’t have any, they’re still a great companion. They love to play with toys and outside in the garden, but are super obedient. Hopefully, your child could also learn how to train it!

7. Irish Setter

As beautiful as Irish Setters are, they are much more playful and loving than they’d seem to be. They love being around a lot of people, and this holds for children the most. Listen, they don’t like to be alone at all, so make sure you take them with you on your trips (if possible.) Irish Setters need a lot of exercises, so you can have your older children take them for walks and play in the park.

8. Pugs

Ah! The breed that quite similar to humans! They love to eat and laze around like little balls. You will have to keep track of what they eat because weight gain might be a problem. At 15 pounds or so, pugs should be perfect for you if you plan on having a family dog that likes to play with children every now and then, and isn’t super hyper.

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Have you ever seen their faces! God, their expression is so cute! I’m smiling just thinking about them. The breed is highly lovable and gets along with everybody that they meet. If you already have other dogs, you don’t have to worry about anything. These adorable little companions will receive love from everyone!

10. Alaskan Malamute

By nature, the breed lives and dies with its pack. So, if you were to give a home to an Alaskan Malamute, you can be assured that they will be by your side, playing with your children, and making everyone happy for the rest of their life. A loyal friend that wags their tail when they see you, that’s what you want!

11. Bernese Mountain Dog

If you are the kind of family who loves saying “think big or go home,” then the Bernese Mountain dog is the best breed for you. Reaching a maximum weight of about 100 pounds, the breed is super sweet and will love you with every inch of its fur! They are super gentle, making them perfect to be around children.

12. Bulldog

Contrary to what the name would suggest, Bulldogs are perfect if you want to enjoy your own time, in spite of having a dog. Bulldogs are super loyal and do not require you to give them attention 24/7. Just remember that they need a cooler environment to live in; if not, they overheat and could get sick.

There are so many things that a dog can do for your child. Starting from teaching them compassion, to responsibility and cooperation, dogs are a blessing on earth.

We are fortunate to have them here, and there is no doubt that they are suitable for children.

No matter which breed you decide to go for, make sure you have the budget and time to take care of your dog. When left unattended and unloved, they could become sick, just like humans.

You will have to invest your time into raising a child and a dog, along with earning a substantial amount to keep the family happy and going.

Another aspect that you might want to consider is your child’s age. If you are going to start a family, then think about your choice.

If you have an older child or children, you may ask for their opinion and consider getting a pup that all of you agree on.

Author Bio:

Nancie Howell works for Five Star Canine and has a special love towards animals, especially dogs. She/he believes that we need to become the voice of our pets and help them during all the stages of their life. He/she wishes to make people aware of canine health and happiness.

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