How to choose a dog for your needs and personalities

Are we right for each other? Ask this question before choosing the dog for you. Personality is everything, and it’s as true about the dogs as it about the people. There is no right or wrong way to find the right dog for you. The important thing is finding out the right breed for you that is most compatible with your life and living accommodations.

Here we have good news for you that it isn’t hard to find a dog that fits your personality. Many dogs have mixed breeds. Which means they have the best-of-best qualities from all of the breeds.

Make a Checklist

Do plenty of research before making the commitment which dog is right for your personality, and don’t make getting a dog an impulse decision. Include these questions in your checklist before choosing the dog for you.

  • Have I chosen the dog that will fit into my home and daily life routine?
  • Do I have enough financial resources to take care of this dog?
  • Do I have enough time to walk, train and pay attention to a dog?

Size of Dog

What size of dog will fit into your home or apartment? You should consider the size of your living space before selecting the dog breed. Do you live in a small apartment or house and don’t have enough space for your dog? Don’t let the size of your apartment or house fool you. it doesn’t associate with the amount of exercise your dog needs.

Large breeds like Great Danes require exercise but tend to be a little lazier. Small size dogs like Chihuahuas, tend to be more hyper and need to be worn out.

Consider your family

Do you have a big family or living alone at your house? Do you have children or other pets in your home? You must get a family-friendly dog breed if you have a big family. You need to prepare your home and family to minimize your dog’s stress to adjust him to his new life.

If you live in a small house or apartment and don’t have easy access to a park to go for a walk, then you must choose the small dog that doesn’t require as much room to get exercise. But if you want to choose a large dog then make sure that you have enough house space and yard to comfortably accommodate such a large dog breed.

Will your dog need training?

Proper training of your dog benefits you, the neighbors, and the dog community. Even, if you send your dog to the trainer for training. You will still need to dedicate the time to teach your dog new tricks. If you choose the shy or skittish dog for you these dog breeds need proper socializing training.

You have to spend the time with your dog in your house yard to keep him healthy and happy. You have to pay attention to your dog’s behavior while training. Keep your dog on a leash when it requires doing so.

Examine your Lifestyle

Do you have a busy schedule or travel frequently? If you work long hours in a day and have an active lifestyle, then it makes sense for looking at an active dog breed that can keep up with you.

If you travel a lot or like to go exploring and you’re not able to take your dog along, then you should choose the breed with a temperament that tolerates being left alone for much of the day.

Activity Level

Some dogs have more energy than others. You can determine the dog’s activity level by its breed. But you can’t only rely on the dog breed because every dog needs routine exercise. Before adopting a dog make sure you can provide this.

If you have a lazy life routine then chose a lazy lap dog for you. But if you have an active lifestyle like hiking, camping, running, then consider the breed like Border collie for you. A specific amount of energy and attention is necessary for each dog breed. If you have a dog that is barking constantly, digging up your garden, and destroying your home. You can stop your dog from barking by providing him some extra activities.

Pure-Breed or Mixed-Breed

If you do enough research before selecting the dog then it can be easy to choose the right breed for you. Take your lifestyle into consideration when choosing the right breed. Consider your family, children, size of your home, and pet before selecting the right breed for you.

It is not difficult to find the pure breed at dog shelters. You can also find a large number of the mixed breed there. The temperament of a mixed dog breed would be harder to predict for you. If you are adopting the mixed dog breed from the dog shelters before adoption consults about the personality traits you are looking for. People usually get attracted by the pure breed for various reasons.

Maybe they love the way a certain breed looks and acts. If you want a pure-breed do research and determine if you are willing to take in potential challenges with temperament grooming, and health problems.

Mixed-breed also can become a wonderful addition to your house. The combination of two breeds is a balance of personalities and physical characteristics. There is no way how your dog will look when grown-up, especially if you adopt the puppy. Experts believe that mixed-breed dogs usually end up with health problems.

Do enough research before selecting which breed is right for you, because it is something that should be taken seriously.

Age and History

Dog personality typically changes over the course of each stage. Adult dogs have a calmer temperament than young dogs. You can know the medical history if you are willing to adopt the older dog. So it is less gamble to adopt than adopting a young puppy. However, some older dogs don’t do well in the family, especially around the children. So this is another important aspect to take into consideration before adopting the old dog.

You know the dog history if you are buying it from a dog breeder. A dog may have been abused that can affect his personality. A bad dog history doesn’t mean that he won be the perfect dog for you. You just have to be willing to put in some effort.

Just the Beginning

Adopting a dog is a big commitment; it is the beginning of a long relationship. Do enough research and choose a perfect dog breed according to your needs and personality. If you are willing to adopt a specific dog breed or mixed breed, a good breeder will honestly answer a question about the dog’s needs.

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