Making Two Dogs Friendly – A Guide

Today, along with the hygiene of dogs, provided by dog poop service for homes, we should not forget about their socializing. People usually take their dogs outside so that they can socialize. Dogs also need to socialize with other dogs in the same way as humans.

As humans can’t resist socializing with their peers, the same is the case with dogs. Getting around with other dogs is very important as it is potentially impossible for your dog to cut the connection with other dogs. Like humans, even dogs can’t live without interacting with our dogs as per their natural habitat.

When you take your dog out for walking, you may come across other dog owners with their dogs, coincidently. Your friends or relatives may also come to visit you along with their dog. Generally, the dog owners wish their dogs to get along with other dogs, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Dog to dog encounters usually ends up with a fight, showing an aggressive attitude towards one another.

This happens because pet dogs are not taught about interacting with other dogs. Sometimes, the dogs also show aggressive behavior to humans as well, as claimed by Naperville dog poop removal service and other dog poop service for homes in Chicago.

Luckily, dogs are social animals. This implies that if we motivate them to keep in contact with familiar people or other animals, they can learn to socialize and avoid isolation. Two dogs can become friendly to each other easily with little support.

Naperville dog poop removal service along with other dog services providers in Western Chicago are helping people with some tips to make their dog friendly with other dogs. Here are some guidelines for you to stimulate the bonding of two dogs.

Introduce the dogs with each other strategically

Dog owners often make a blunder while introducing two dogs by placing them together in the same compound. It is done to allow them to bond on their own. Perhaps, it may work sometimes, but sometimes it can cause trouble.

Apart from this, there are enough ways to introduce your dog to a new dog. One of the best-proven ways is through a long walk. If you abruptly bring a new dog to your home, your pet dog may consider it as an invasion of its territory. So, it may react aggressively to the new partner.

So, the proper way is to make both of them walk together in a common area. This will allow them to sniff and greet each other in their way. However, it is necessary to follow some safety tips. Knowing their psychology is very necessary. Dogs usually feel threatened by the presence of other dogs.

So, there should be two different persons for handling two dogs separately while walking. You should avoid walking them too close to each other at first sight, so that they may not feel threatened by each other’s presence. Once the two dogs seem comfortable with each other, it’s time to bring them home together.

Keep the dogs apart at first sight

Most of the people think that the more the dogs interact with each other, the faster they can get close. Thus, they compel the dogs to eat from the same bowl, jump for the same toys, and sleep in the same kennel. Sadly, that’s not going to work.

The people having two dogs have to hire a dog poop service for residential buildings or a dog poop service for homes. Psychologically every dog needs some alone time, especially if it is unfamiliar with the other dog. Give each dog its place and space to survive where it won’t feel any threat.

Keep the dogs distant from each other while eating. You may feed them at different places or rooms in your house where they can’t see each other. During their first meet, you should keep them apart from each other. Their training, playing, and bathing should also be done separately. By the time you will feel that both dogs are getting used to each other.

It is the time when the separation is not mandatory. Make them a little close to each other by just maintaining a small gap with a baby gate so that they can see others but can’t interact too closely. This will surely improve their behavior towards each other.

Establish your dominance among the dogs

Dogs are pet animals by nature. Every pack of dogs has a leader who rules and leads the other members in the pack. According to Cesar Millan, a famous American-Mexican dog expert, the dogs feel happy to have this structure because the followers want to be told what to do and know what the leaders wish from them. Therefore, every pack of dogs must have a leader to command them.

Dogs always compete to become the leader i.e. alpha in the pack. But, it’s quite alluring that you and your family are also acknowledged as part of the pack. Therefore, you just need to grasp the charge over the alpha position in the pack to dominate the pack. If your dogs consider you as a leader, they won’t see each other as competitors in the pack. But, dominance here doesn’t mean to have a strict charge over them, as per Millan. He believes in handling a dog affectionately with “calm-assertive energy”.

Surveillance of all interactions between the dogs

After a training period, when the dogs are allowed to socialize with each other freely, make sure to observe them. Supervision is very necessary as dogs won’t become friends instantaneously. It normally takes more than three months for two newly familiar dogs to get warm with each other. Surveillance is potentially necessary because a fight might take place if the dogs are left alone. Nowadays, dog poop service for homes also provides dog surveillance services in case you are busy.

Must have Obedience training

As stated by Millan, dogs have only three basic needs: exercise, discipline, and affection, in the same order. But, beyond these primary needs, there is a need for obedience training from the owner’s side. Sometimes your dog may get into a quarrel with an outsider or an unknown dog. So, obedience training allows you to have better control of your fur buddy, thus reducing the chance of a clash. As far as discipline is concerned, basic obedience commands such as ‘sit’, ‘run’, or ‘up’ are mandatory for your dog.

These basic commands can make your dog obedient and disciplined. Obedience training not only helps in discipline but also proves to be fruitful while exercising. For example, commands like ‘run’, ‘jump’, and ‘down’ can be used while exercising. Obedience training leads to a behavior change in dogs. It takes some time and effort investment but results in making your pet friendly and obedient. We cannot forget about the fact that proper training also poses a great impact on hygiene. Most of the dog owners have to call dog poop service for homes if they ignore the proper obedience training.

Observe body posture

It is the body language only that can make you understand the mood and condition of dogs. Observing the body posture in dogs can reveal defensive or aggressive behavior along with teeth-baring, stiff tail, ears forward, hair raised on the dog’s back, and other problems.

If you detect these signs on the dogs during the interaction, just separate them instantly. Allow them their space; else you will get yourself in trouble. Interact with them again only when you find them calm and relaxed. Only the body posture allows you to decide whether they are calm or still not.

Pay equal attention and hire dog poop service for homes

If you are going to adopt a second dog, remember to pay equal attention to both of them. You have to look after both the dogs equally every day. If you are paying more heed to the new buddy, the existing dog may feel ignored and jealous of the new dog.

This will lead to a stressful relationship between the two dogs. So, treat both of them equally, while allocating equal playing time, outing time, and training time for them. Also, hire the same dog poop service for homes for both of them.

Do not lose the hope

Like humans, dogs also need some time to become friendly with a stranger. Perhaps, it can take several months for two dogs to get along. Undoubtedly, time is the major factor, but developing a friendly relation also depends on personalities and breeds. Let’s suppose, if you met a person with the same nature as yours, you both can become friends in no time.

The same is the case with dogs. Some dogs can become good friends within a short period, but others may never develop a bond. It could be due to conflict in their nature. Thus, being patient and allowing the dogs to take their time to know each other can works.

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