Cost-Effective Tips for Keeping a Clean, Dog-Friendly Home

The companionship that comes with owning a dog is hard to beat, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its challenges. One of the more labor intensive aspects of being a dog owner is keeping your home fresh and tidy. Whether you have a puppy who is still adjusting to their new home, a senior dog who is completely housebroken or need to get your house ready for sale, keeping a clean home requires you to be proactive each day.

To help, House of Petz shares some simple, inexpensive ways to maintain a spick-and-span home when you have a canine companion.

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Clean Messes ASAP

One of the most important ways to keep your home clean when you have a pet is to take care of messes immediately. The longer urine is able to set in, the more difficult it becomes to clean. Obviously, if your pup has an accident while you’re gone, you won’t be able to clean it up immediately. However, as soon as you see a mess, clean it up.

Also, if you notice an odor, that means it’s time to deep clean your home. For urine, be sure to clean hardwoods, carpet, and other surfaces with a pet odor remover with enzymes. This logic applies to fur, dander, and saliva as well. Remember, if you are in the process of preparing your home for sale, odors can be a major turnoff for buyers, so make odor removal a priority.

As for your furniture, sometimes the warranty that comes with your furniture will cover the cost of cleaning. In the event your upholstery has been soiled, consider hiring a professional service to lift stains and ensure it is fully deodorized, and then submit the receipts to your furniture manufacturer. Similarly, if your carpet has old stains or a lingering odor, hiring a professional carpet cleaner might be your best bet.

Keep Your Dog Out of Certain Rooms

There may be certain rooms in your home that you don’t want your dog in — and that’s perfectly okay. In fact, there’s no need to feel guilty about making areas off-limits to your pup, and it can actually go a long way toward helping you keep a clean and sanitary home. Perhaps your dog is the stubborn type, or maybe you don’t have a lot of time to train your new pup. In one of these scenarios, dog training collars are your best friend. If you cringe at the thought of giving your dog an electric shock, there are vibrating options to avoid this method.

Groom Them Regularly

Keeping your dog clean is the key to keeping your home clean. If your dog has long hair, IHeartDogs notes brushing them once a week can significantly cut down on the hair that circulates around your home. Some dogs simply won’t allow themselves to be brushed, and if that’s your situation, you may have to settle for bathing them every two to four weeks. Not only will bathing your pup help to control shedding, but it will also help to minimize odors. Furthermore, try to brush your dog’s teeth once a week to maintain their hygiene and minimize the bacteria in your home.

The cheapest way to keep your dog clean is to groom them yourself at home with a brush and gentle pet shampoo. However, this isn’t an option for some owners, either because of time constraints or because their dog won’t allow it. In one of these scenarios, a monthly appointment with a professional groomer may be necessary.

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Get Them Their Own Towels and Blankets

Lastly, designate towels and blankets for Fido. If you have any extra, older hand towels and bath towels, keep them in a basket and use them only to dry your dog after baths and to wipe their paws after they’ve been outside. Or, purchase some inexpensive towels. Also, getting them their own blanket(s) will help them to stay cozy while keeping your blankets fur-free and clean.

Keeping your home spick-and-span is possible, even when you’re a dog owner. Remember to clean messes and shedding as soon as you can to avoid build-up. Consider making some areas of the home off-limits, and groom your pup on the reg. Finally, keep a collection of towels and blankets that are used solely for your dog. Taking simple steps like these can be the difference in ensuring a clean, dog-friendly home.

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