Camping With Your Dogs in 7 Easy Steps

While you are excited about camping in the woods, on one hand, you are also anxious about leaving behind your furry companion in the house, on the other. Just that you know dogs love outdoors as much as you do, if not more. So instead of leaving behind your best buddy to keep pinning for you, just think about all the adventures you two could share in nature’s laps.

Camping with your dog can be an incredible outdoor experience as you spend quality time bonding. If you are ready to go camping with your dog, there are a few things which you must bear in mind to keep your pet safe in the wild. For instance, know about dog-friendly campsites, what items you must carry to a campsite, and how to keep your dog well-behaved at the campground, etc. Since,

Dogs are an integral part of the family, and for many, a vacation is incomplete without their furry friends.

Without further ado, let’s have a sneak peek at some of the essential camping tips to make sure both two-legged and four-legged campers have a great time together.

1. Get familiar with Your Dog’s Outdoor Personality

Before you embark on a wilderness getaway, it’s imperative to consider your dog’s readiness. Is he a lounge hound? If yes, a relaxed trip to a known campsite might be an excellent choice. Or else, your pooch is a daring athlete with plenty of outdoor experience? If yes, maybe, it’s time for a week-long camping trip which you have in mind for so long. Be honest about your dog’s personality, and plan your backpacking trip accordingly.

2. Find pet-friendly campsites

Once you are aware of your canine’s personality and readiness, next on your list is finding a pet-friendly camping site. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be much of a hassle, as many campsites allow families or solo campers to bring their pets along, let alone dogs. Also, you must check the regulations in the selected area of trails or campgrounds. If you find difficulty finding pet-friendly campsites, you can always pick a countryside campsite which is well-known to your dog.

3. Book a Pre-camping appointment with your Vet

Once you have secured a campsite, it’s always better to book a pre-trip veterinary appointment. At this moment, you can be sure that your pooch is healthy enough for camping in the woods. Also, you can make sure that your dog’s flea and tick medication are up to date. Moreover, if you have any vaccination shots pending for your dog, now is a good time to have them. Once your vet gives you a green signal, you and your best buddy shall await for some great adventure in no time.

4. Gear up but pack light

Camping with your dog can be a total spoiler if you do not pack the items right. You must gear up well with all your pooches’ belongings but avoid over-packing. You must pack the following items to ensure a thrilling experience together.

  1. Keep your dogs’ documents in order, including up-to-date license, ID tags, vaccination papers, etc.
  2. Collapsible bowls for food and water (You can buy a Ruffwear Quencher Cinch – Top Collapsible Dog Bowl. It is highly recommended)
  3. Buy a Chaos Backpacking tent from ALPS Mountaineering (Very light-weight tent with enough room for at least two persons plus two pooches).
  4. Floor savers for everyone (they come across as a great help if you are camping during the rains)
  5. Rumple blankets for yourself and your furry friend
  6. Outdoor Dog Cots by Carlson Pet Products. Extremely comfortable for your dog to sit and roll on to it like a doughnut and enjoy nature’s vistas in the open.
  7. Towels for your dog, in case it rains
  8. LED Lights to put on your dog’s harnesses and collars to identify them from a distance. Also, you can buy an Illumiseen LED light rechargeable collar for a variety of uses – not just while camping.
  9. Dog sleeping bags with comfortable bedding
  10. Rough ware Line Systems for emergencies
  11. Dog food for them to nibble and enjoy their surroundings
  12. Dog toys for them to have a playground like an experience.

5. Pack your Pet’s First Aid Kit

Whenever you are outdoors, you must always carry your dogs’ first aid kit along. You can buy common items from a nearby supply store or assemble on your own based on your pet’s specific requirements. Also, you must keep a pet-specific first-aid book to help you deal with emergencies, such as choking, or injury. Some dog-specific first –aid items include –

  • Flat-Bladed tweezers and a small container of mineral oil for tick removal
  • A bandana for a makeshift muzzle
  • An emergency fold-up blanket for treating shock or cold
  • Booties for protecting injured paws
  • The name, phone number, and directions of a nearby vet or pet emergency clinic

6. Pack a tether, leash, and a stake

Your dog may be excited going off-leash, but it’s worth carrying a leash, a stake or a tether with you. If your campsite requires your dog to be secured for a while, tying the leash to a tree is a good way to not hold the leash constantly. Also, you can protect your buddy from other wild animals who are on a lookout of harming your pet.

7. Remember to pack poop bags

Just like when you take your dog on a stroll at home, it’s important to pick up after them. The camping site is no different. You must keep the trail clean by picking your dog’s poop using poop bags. In haste, you may overlook them, but they are as important as your pet’s first-aid kits. Also, you avoid unwanted animal visitors.

Far away from a million distractions, camping with your best pal is a great way to beat the burgeoning life stress. While you are outdoors, you can take in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature with a true connoisseur. Whether it’s snuggling with your buddy in a cozy tent or sleeping under the stars, preparing well enough is all you need to avoid any potential crises. So next time when you hit the trail, do not leave your furry friend at home, and instead, bring it on!

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