5 Ways to Introduce Your Furry Friend to a New Romantic Partner

Congratulations! You have found someone special, someone worthy of introducing your furry friend to. Follow these tips to make sure that your initial introduction is filled with cuddles and sets the tone for a long lasting happy relationship as opposed to growls.

A top consideration for new couples is how to ensure that the introduction of a pet is smooth, akin to meeting the family if something goes awry it may be hard to correct for long term stability.

When Introducing a New Partner to Your Furry Friend Set Up for Success

You introduce your pup to people all day everyday, the groomer, dog park acquaintances, people in the store, and in the neighborhood. However none of those dictate a need for a positive first impression for ongoing ease and happiness quite like the introduction to a new romantic partner.

Perhaps that is too much pressure, afterall your dog loves everyone but unfortunately the stakes are high.

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The setting and length of the first introduction is crucial to success. Choose an area where your pup is already super happy to be and where he is usually on his best behavior. Think dog park as opposed to forest walk on a leash that is overrun by squirrels, where your arms may take a hit and the smooth meeting as well.

Your dog finds it natural to meet many people in many daily interactions, make this meeting one of those and take the pressure and high expectations out of it.

Think: Dog Park, Dog Beach, Hike

Avoid: Busy places with too many other dogs and other critters.

When Introducing Your Pet to a New Partner First Impressions are Important

I bet you did not go to your first date without brushing your teeth or combing your hair. You will likely revert to that later on (well the hair part). Give your furry pal the same leg up, make sure he is smelling sweet and did not get into the broccoli soup leftovers the night before.

A trip to the groomers and a little dental care is always in order and for this occasion it may serve everyone well to put a dog groomer appointment on the agenda.

Think: Shiny coat, well fed, and a little breath refresher

When Introducing Your Pet to a New Partner Consider your Dog’s Needs and Reassurance

My dogs love me! If someone sits near me they will try and wedge their way in so that they will garner the most attention at all times and just for good measure place a paw on me to let everyone else know.

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Introducing someone new that is in your space and commanding some of your attention and energy may take it away from your furry friend and cause him to act out to get your attention. Be sure to give your furry pal lots of reassurance that you have plenty of love to go around and have your new two legged friend do the same.

Think: Lots of attention and love for your pal

When Introducing Your Pet to a New Partner Treat, Treats, and More Treats

When my second son was born I ensured that the first one got a gift purportedly from his new baby brother. This kicked everything off in a very calm and happy way and kept him occupied doing something he enjoyed while everyone gushed over the baby.

In short, pack your new partner’s pockets with snacks and let them give them to your dog with careless abandon. Nothing feeds the heart and friendship of a furry pal than love, kindness, good care and TREATS! Some professionals say hold treats back for when your dog shows positive connection, heck no, fill that belly with kindness whenever the opportunity arises!

Think: Favorite treats and lots of them

When Introducing Your Pet to a New Partner ask yourself: Is my love interest a good fit?

If you are stressing about your first meeting a lot, consider whether or not you have chosen someone that is the best fit. A meeting with your dog should be a happy and fun experience, enjoyed by all (mostly your new romantic interest as they have the most to gain, the potential love of your dog!)

If you are not thinking that your dog may actually like your new partner more than you then maybe it is time to reflect. That maybe slightly exaggerated but either way, if you are nervous it may mean that even if the meeting goes well that there may be issues in the future

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In conclusion, make the first experience of your furry friend meeting your new romantic partner happy and relaxed. Think of the location and tone and your partner’s prior experience with dogs to ensure that you set the initial meeting up for success and a lifelong fun relationship for all of you.

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