Pet Travel Essentials: Must-Haves When You Travel With Your Pet

If you’re a new pet parent, you must be thinking, what to do with your pets when you go on vacation? Well, the best option is to take them with you! With so many pet-friendly hotels, spas, and resorts, it’s now easier than ever to travel with your dog!

But it does need some planning and preparation. And since your pet can’t use a pen or pack a bag, it’s up to you to make a cat or dog travel packing list.

10 Things to Pack While Traveling With Your Pet

Wondering what you need when traveling with a dog? Food, water, toys…anything else?


Here’s a list of the top 10 pet travel necessities you need to take with you.

1. Waste Bags

Even if your dog is well behaved and poops in its designated place while at home while traveling, accidents can happen. So, whether it’s a road trip or air travel, waste bags are necessary pet travel accessories.
We recommend carrying a full roll of poop bag as they are lightweight and won’t take up much space in your luggage either. Even if you don’t anticipate needing them all, you can use those waste bags to dispose of any other waste or leftovers or pack dirty clothes and shoes.

2. First-Aid Kit

Despite all your care and attention, your dog can suffer from bruises, bumps, or scratches on the road or even during flights. Whether you buy a ready-made kit or put together the essentials yourself, it’s always advised to keep a well-stocked first-aid kit handy to treat a minor injury or an emergency.

A first aid kit is a vital pet accessory, particularly when you’re going camping or any other outdoor trip. The kit must include gauze bandages, scissors, gloves, and dog-friendly eyewash and antiseptic wipes. You must also have tweezers to remove splinters or ticks and styptic powder to curb toenail bleeding.

3. Leash or Harness

Even if you rarely use a leash or a harness at home, while traveling, it is a must. A foreign environment holds so many new scents, terrains, and things to explore that your dog may run despite your best efforts.

During airport security checks, a harness or a leash is a must as well. Make sure that the leash has a soft, metal-free design so that your dog remains comfortable throughout the trip. Preferably, keep an extra leash handy in case your current one gets lost or broken.

4. Crate

Whether your pet is traveling in the cabin or cargo hold, you’ll need a crate or a carrier. Even if you’re going on a road trip and traveling by your vehicle, a crate can prove helpful.

For starters, using a crate equipped with beds and blankets will give any uncomfortable space like hotel room floors or car back seats into a comfortable home-like feel. Crating during car travel is imperative as it ensures the safety of your pet. If your pet has been crate trained, you’ll notice that their travel anxiety will fall dramatically if crated during a road trip.

Most modern crates are foldable; hence, they won’t take up much space in your luggage either. They also come in various sizes and are equipped with locking zippers and a leak-proof base.

A Crate Can Also Give Your Pet A Safe Space To Retreat To After A Tiring Day, And Since They Get Their Own Bed To Sleep On, Your Bed Space Won’t Be Compromised!

5. Any Necessary Medications

Without packing their medications, how do you travel with pets safely? So, make sure to pack all your dog’s necessary and prescribed medicines in your travel kit. Preferably, include the vet’s prescription receipt in your bag too.

You can also pack some dog calming medications in your carry bag to soothe your dog in case of an anxiety attack. This is especially recommended if it’s the first time your dog stepped out of your house.

6. Seat Covers

Seat covers are must-have dog car travel essentials. Shedding season or not, when your dog spends hours in your car, they are bound to leave some fur or hair on the seat. Or, if you’ve allowed your pet some run time during a pit stop, you’ll need to protect your car interiors from muddy paws.

If you don’t wish to spend hours cleaning and brushing dirt and dander from your car upholstery, seat covers are a must. On the plus side, they can double as soft and comfortable bedding for your pet.

Pick A Seat Cover That Is Waterproof, Scratch-resistant, Adjustable, And Machine Washable, And You’re All Set For A Happy Road Trip!

7. Grooming Equipment

Most pet parents will give their pets a thorough grooming and cleaning session before the travel date. Since pets rarely need a bath more often than once every two weeks, should you pack their shampoo and grooming equipment? Of course! Dog brush, nail clippers, a pack of dog wipes, and a flea comb or a tick remover should all be on your list of what to bring when traveling with pets. Not only will you keep your pet free from unwelcome nasty parasites, regular grooming will minimize shedding and keep your dog’s mane free from mats and tangles.

8. Toys

Can a list of must-haves for traveling with a dog ever be complete without toys and treats?

By bringing some of your pet’s home comforts along, you can not only keep them busy and entertained but also help take their mind off the stress of visiting a new place. Moreover, playing with toys can be a fantastic way to dispense their pent-up energy.

So, whether it’s your dog’s favorite ball or an old set of squeakers, make sure to include toys in your bag of dog travel essentials. Or you can use travel as an excuse to scour pet stores for exotic new toys and pawsome dog travel accessories.

Chewy Treats Make For Awesome Toys As It Can Keep Your Dog Busy And Occupied For Hours!

9. Food or Snacks

A hungry pet is an unhappy pet, and a grumpy pet can be a handful while traveling. Whether you’re traveling locally or internationally, by car or flight, carry ample pet food for your pet. You can never be certain that your destination will have a convenient pet store or your pet’s brand of food.

Avoid unnecessary hassles in terms of upset stomachs by sticking to a diet your dog is already familiar with. And the only way to do that is by packing enough food and snacks for the entire trip. Make sure you follow a proper feeding schedule to avoid overfeeding your dog.

Don’t Forget To Throw In A Collapsible Travel Bowl And A Spare Water Bottle Into Your Bag!

10. ID and Records

Although your pet’s health and vaccination records are a must when traveling by air, be safe and carry these records when traveling interstate. Before your travel date, ensure your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations and get a certificate of proof for all important vaccines like rabies.

A pet passport is another essential travel document to carry in case of inter-country travel. Pet passport must have all details and records of your pet’s health and vaccine shots, along with a picture of your pet.

And if you haven’t as yet, pre-travel might be a good time to consider microchipping and ID tags. Pet ID tags can help you reunite with your pet in case you’re separated. Make sure to mention your number or any other form of contact in the tag.

Why Should I Carry Pet Essentials With Me?

Very few things in life are as rewarding as traveling with your dogs. Not only does taking them along rid you of the headache of finding a dog sitter or a suitable kennel, but your vacation can be more enjoyable and relaxing when you have your favorite being by your side.

However, just like how you meticulously plan and pack your travel essentials, you must do that for your dog too. Because traveling without the right pet travel essentials is a disaster waiting to happen! You wouldn’t want to be stuck roadside on a lonely highway in the middle of the day without food and water for your dog, would you?

Final Thoughts

If you’ve never traveled with your pet and are unsure of what to carry, we hope this list of pet travel essentials has helped you gain valuable insights. Regardless of your mode of travel, to give your pet a happy and hassle-free travel experience, making a list of what you need to travel with a dog will ensure that you don’t forget a must-have travel essential.

We hope you have a fantastic, pawsome trip!

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