How to Plan Your Trip While Leaving Your Pet Behind?

Dogs make wonderful companions and make great pets for us to keep at home. They are probably considered one of the most loved and entertaining pets. Now it is our responsibility to take good care of these caring creatures who always make us smile. Dogs are one of the few animals which easily fit into our lives and become an important part of our families.

Now it is a common occurrence that we need to leave town for business or personal reasons and in many cases, our pets would be left behind. Now being a concerned pet owner it comes naturally to think about what would happen to your pet and this can be difficult and stressful most of the time.

Planning a trip can be exceptionally tough when you have a pet dog that has severe behavioral and separation issues. The pet owner may need to extensively plan regarding who will be feeding, walking the pet and fulfilling their other needs. In this article, we will be discussing the best practices for dog owners to consider while planning for a trip and leaving their pets behind in their condo.

Best Practices

1. Never let your dog feel abandoned

Dogs are very social animals and not having their owner around may have an adverse effect on them mentally. As mentioned in the article earlier if the dog has a separation issue then they may feel being abandoned by their owner, now this can be nerve-wracking as this can be detrimental to your dog’s health. However, dogs, in general, are very adaptable creatures and they will not take long to get used to not having their owner around them.

One fantastic fact about dogs is that they are able to pick up your emotional cues. If you happen to feel worried or stressed a dog is able to sense the energy and in return will feel anxious and worried themselves. Now, it is important that we act normal and excited around your dog, this is the best way to keep your dog calm while you plan for your dog’s welfare while you are away.

Once you have a person to take care of your dog, it is vital that you have a meet and greet with the person who will be taking care of your dog, this is so your dog does not see the person as a threat.

One important precaution the owner should consider is leaving behind some familiar items like shirts, blankets or toys that have the owner’s scent. This way it will ensure your presence around the dog even when you are not around. It is also crucial that you spend time with your dog before leaving like for instance bring your dog out for a walk or play fetch and give extra attention and cuddles. This will build a bond before you leave which is essential for your dog mentally.

2. Where to leave my dog?

Now leaving your dog in an unfamiliar place may cause your dog to feel uncomfortable and there is a chance of detachment. As mentioned in the previous passage, our aim should never be to make the dog feel abandoned, as the dog may have anxiety or depression. In some cases, dogs may not even eat properly and this may affect the overall health.

The best solution is to not move your dog away from where they are comfortable. So, letting your dog stay at home will ensure that your pet is comfortable in its own space surrounded by things and scents which your dog is familiar with. This way your dog will not feel detached while you are away.

3. Dog Watcher

Now considering the previous point, it is important to have someone to look after your dog in your absence. A dog watcher will be able to provide your dog basic needs like food and water and on top of that, your dogs will also be able to go for multiple toilets breaks as well. A dog watcher will also help walk your dog as per your instructions, this is a healthy practice as it ensures your dog gets regular exercise. Now bringing your dog out for a walk gives it the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and this is beneficial for your dog mentally. This helps to keep your dog calm and entertained.

Now if you manage to get one of your family members to look after your dog that would be an added bonus, the reason being, the dog will most likely be familiar with the person and there won’t be a need for meet and greet session. It is vital that you make it clear to the dog watcher on how your dog should be cared for to avoid any issues while you are away. Like, for example, the amount of food and timing and also enforce certain behaviors so your relationship with your dog does not get affected.

The added benefit of having your family member as a dog watcher while you are away is that they are responsible and dependable to take care of your beloved four-legged pet.

4. Safety and precaution

It is vital to have safety infrastructure installed in your apartment to ensure your pet is safe and there is a minimum risk of injury or accident from occurring. Install grilled doors and make sure the doors are locked so your dog remains indoors. This is to prevent the possibility of your dog roaming freely around the condo, which may cause uninvited issues as not all the residents in the condo are fond of dogs roaming around freely. There is also the possibility of property damage if your dog is out roaming freely and anyone’s supervision.

Before you leave make sure all utensils and harmful materials are being kept away from your dog’s reach to avoid potential harm to your dog.

5. Stock up essential items for your dog

Being a responsible owner you should stock up a sufficient amount of food and nutrition for your dog for the duration of your travel. As a responsible owner you should clearly instruct your dog watcher on the amount of food to be given and the timings as well this maintains a normal routine for your dog.

It is essential to stock up on disposable waste bags to collect and dispose of dog waste. Usually, the condo management provides waste bags specially designed for collecting dog waste. Companies like Doo Care are contracted to provide waste bags to a number of Condos and apartments along with dog waste management.

6. Finding the right place to board your dog.

One alternative option available for pet owners when planning for a trip is to find a trustworthy place for your dog to stay like Jet pet resort. Now, this option should only be considered if you have the budget with you. As these places offer a wide range of services like a spa treatment and webcam access for you to monitor your dog’s daily activities. On top of that, your dog will also be fed and handled by the staff. The staff there will also organize some activities to keep the dogs there entertained.

However, as mentioned earlier in this article if your dog has separation anxiety then it is advisable to keep your dog in the hands of individuals whom they are comfortable and familiar with like a family member, to watch over your dog while you are away.


To sum up the article, it is vital to properly plan and consider the risk of leaving your dog behind. We have shared some tips on what to consider when planning for a trip without your pet and what are the practices you should and should not consider. It is part of being a responsible owner to properly plan and do proper research before making your final decision, which best suits both you and your dog.

The most important thing is that you are at ease while on your trip knowing your dog is well-taken care and is in safe hands.

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