10 Tips for Your First Dog Show or Competition

Showing a dog is a lot of fun for you and your dog. It is a commitment that includes both work and expense, that gives you chance to develop a stronger bond with your dog. Turning your dog into a show dog can help with behavior problems.

How you can train your dog for the stage so it can steal the show? It is a complete process that includes many rules, and skills, and tricks to learn. In this article, you will know step by step guide to training your dog for a show or competition.

1. Assess your dog objectively

Take some time to size up your dog, and get all the information about your dog breed. This information can help you to train your dog for a show or competition.

Some flaws of your dog can’t be changed, this is something you already knew when you purchased the dog. Minor flaws, on the other hand, can be changed by grooming or handling. If your dog has a few imperfections, don’t be discouraged. You can still train your dog to win the competition.

2. Attend some dog shows

You must attend some dog shows or competitions to get a better sense of what’s it all about. It will help you to know what judges are looking for in your dog, and what you can expect when you enter your dog.

This is how you will get more information about the complete process of a dog show. You can visit the club tent or table to pick up more information on entering your dog.

3. Invest in high quality diet

Usually, dog owners overlooked dog nutrition in the preparation for a show, but it matters. Don’t do this mistake. Your dog performance in the show depends on the diet and training. Look at your dog physic.

Don’t use supplements, because these supplements have limited value. The dog supplements industry is not regulated well yet. Consumer studies show that most buyers’ dog doesn’t even get what is contained in the bottle. But, if you want to use any supplement in your dog diet than, verify this supplement. Consult with your dog veterinarian before using it.

4. Daily maintenance

In the term of your dog beauty, daily maintenance is vital. Work on your dog grooming regularly, and make sure you keep on top of your dog’s daily maintenance.

Use high-quality products according to your dog breed. If, your dog have any contact with other animal or playing in the field than, regularly check for insects or fleas. Also, trim your dog’s nails. It is a delicate procedure, so take your dog to the grooming salon that will groom nails relatively cheaply.

5. Check your dog to vet

Your dog must be up to date on all visits and shots. Your dog check-up is necessary especially, every time your dog is in contact with a group of dogs.

Most dog shows require proof of vaccination; try to make this visit before the show date. Your dog vet can also give you a good idea of food, grooming, training, and supplements. Also, care for and focus on your dog’s skin and coat.

6. Socialize your dog

Your dogs need to be comfortable with being around other dogs and people. Start this early when your dog is a puppy. Socializing with your dog will help your dog to remain focus in any situation.

Take your dog on the walk where there are lots of other people walking with their dogs. This training will help your dog to walk on the lead without being overstimulated by the sight and smell of other dogs.

7. Obedience

If your dog is not obedient then a dog show or competition is no place for them. Obedience is the most important part of your dog training. You can practice it while training your dog, and rewarding them for positive behavior.
You can help your dog to learn obedience by taking them to the classes. Provide your dog regular exposure with other dogs that can also help them to feel at ease when the show comes around.

8. Pick the right handler

Who will handle your dog in the ring during a competition that decision must be made early on. Usually, dogs come home with nothing because of poor handling. If you want the experience of showing your dog yourself then you must get training with the dog.

Start your dog’s group sessions as early as possible. You can also start these sessions when a dog is still a puppy. To find a good handler visit your local club or breeder. Interview the best handlers, and select the best one for your dog.

9. Train seriously

If you want your dog to win the competition, then start the training from the day you bring a dog home as a puppy. The training must include obedience training and basic commands.

Teach your dog how to stand, and how to walk for the ring. Know how your dog breed is supposed to stand. Take your dog to the training classes because in the right environment your dog will learn more. There are a lot of books and videos on training a dog are available on the internet, but nothing can beat the real thing for learning.

10. Hire a top groomer

If you don’t have a handler then you need to hire a groomer for your dog. Some dog breeds have very complicated grooming needs. Hire a groomer that has experience with your breed.

You must hire the groomer at least 3 months before the competition. Your dog needs to be used to the groomer, and you will see improvements in the look of your dog.


If you are entering your dog in the competition or show then it was completely your idea. Your puppy didn’t encourage you to do this. So, if your dog is finding this process stressful then you have to train them according to their breed.

Be patient and work on your dog regularly. Hire an experienced vet and groomer for them, and let them do their job. If you are goanna follow all the steps mentioned in this article, sooner your dog will be able to win the competition.

Article by jahanzaib ( petrevolt.com) Houseofpetz.com

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