5 Pet-friendly Attractions in California to Visit in 2021

It’s wonderful that you want to travel with your pet without leaving them behind with your neighbor or a friend. When you take your pet along especially when it’s a dog, you will realize it was the second-best decision of your life. The first one to adopt a dog in the first place. Vacationing in the USA gives you a lot of room to plan your exciting new adventures. But not every place is pet-friendly. Although most states offer pet-friendly travel, California is a favorite of them all.


It’s a huge state, to begin with! The residents themselves are dog lovers! So it’s a given there are a lot of places you can visit with your dog from hotels to public eateries to the sandy beaches. Your dog can easily come along wagging his tail and making puppy eyes.

The best places in California your dog will love!


Most dog-friendly accommodations allow your dog within the hotel premises if you are following proper rules and regulations. For instance, if your dog has a proper leash, a collar ID tag, or sometimes wearing a harness it’s all good to go. It means a dog is not just a stray or lost.

So if you have already taken care of the dog essentials for an upcoming road trip in California, you can enjoy the upcoming summer in any of the following places.

Santa Barbara

A lot of places you can plan to visit and stay, Santa Barbara is dog-friendly without a double. The trails, parks, beaches, even the wine tasting rooms, and cafes allow the dogs.

One of the exciting adventures will begin in Shoreline State Park for your canine friend. The beaches and parks in Santa Barbara are phenomenal. You can plan a hike by the daytime at Los Padres National Forest. So even if you have a small dog breed they can make it through.


As you can imagine by the name, the city is known for its charming and romantic seaside location. The spot is popular for its dog-friendly hotels and resorts so you won’t have any trouble finding a good one too.

The Carmel River State Beach is a joyful moment for your dog. It includes a lot of dog activities so that the pet is engaged throughout the busiest hours. At night teh fireplaces and bonfires are lit but do make sure your dog doesn’t get near them. You can plan a day to visit the trails, parks or the other beaches. Also, pet shopping at the Carmel Plaza, Carmel Village Shopping Area can be a good way to spend time together with your dog.

San Diego

What is a travel spree with your furry friend that doesn’t include San Diego? Imagine having access to the public beach 24/7. That’s pretty cool. You can travel in your car pack all the accessories.

Besides beaching, Cowles Mountain offers a genuine traveling experience for you and your dog too. Pets are always welcome here. Make sure the leashes are on. You can bring along the footwear for your pet too. It’s a popular sport in San Diego for a gorgeous summit.
There’s also the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve perfect for a trail! It’s a gorgeous preservation area.


For a notable outdoor adventure in California with your dog, you have to pay a visit to Malibu. The Solstice Canyon itself is a notable landmark that includes great hikes and strolls. It will be good exercise or a long walk day for your dog!

After hours of walking, you can enjoy a good picnic, let your dog enjoy the homemade doggie treat recipes just for the occasion. Once you and your dog are refreshed you can go for a round of challenges on the Rising Sun Trail.


Never miss Oregon if you plan to visit California with your pup. You are now one state up from California but let’s just say the beaches are spectacularly pet-friendly so it must be included in your travel list.

For instance, the Tolovana Beach State Park is perfect for dog photography! Or even for a casual stroll by the beach. You can have a super fun time with your dog playing fetch or even running. Just keeping the stunning trails in eh Ecola State Park up to the Tillamook Lighthouse, and it leads to private coves.

So if your dog is an adventurer just the way you are, California will lighten up the mood for good and become one of the memorable trips!

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