15 Wonderful Benefits You Gain From Having A Dog

How many times have you heard that famous phrase that says the dog is man’s best friend? Well, it is nor a saying, nor a fallacy, nor a lie. The dog can be man’s great and best friend because they are a generator of good energy, health and happiness for us. Know more interesting facts about dogs on Smartdoglover.com

Did you know that hairy bring dozens and dozens of benefits to our health? Experts have explained that dogs understand human emotions and their brain reacts to the sounds, to the different tones of voice and also understands the acting of each person.

This means that if you are having a bad time, they will notice it because they have a certain “empathy”. Also, if you start screaming happily, they will react with you by jumping and moving their tail quickly, if someone hurts you then they will know how to defend you and if your belly hurts, they will know that you are sick.

In fact, many pediatricians recommend that parents who have nervous children welcome a pet at home because of the benefits it has in some children. Having a pet is restorative and improves mood. Many older people have dogs because they avoid feeling alone. In addition, animals also reduce stress, depression and increase self-esteem.

Are we convincing you to have a furry partner at home? Well, you have to be clear that adopting or buying a dog will improve quality of life but above all you will change it and you will fall in love with your pet just like she does with you. We assure you that this feeling and that link cannot be compared with anything in the world.

Although if you like dogs, then surely you must have known about it. Do you want to know more? Then you just have to keep reading this article because next we will explain in detail about the 15 extraordinary benefits that can bring to your lives. Pay close attention because you may want to have one before you finish!

A dog jumps on the beach when playing with its owner

• It will improve the owner’s social life

When dogs play in the park, they force humans to interact with each other, whether they like it or not. In addition, many people who have dogs look at people who have dogs because they see that they have that feature in common.

Two Labradors in the Field

• It is a Happiness generator

Your furry will always welcome you by wagging his tail and jumping. Your body generates a chemical that causes great happiness just by looking at it, as explained by the University in Japan.

A couple walk with the labrador

• It helps the couple to have less anxiety

Living with a furry helps you reduce anxiety levels because it helps you keep your mind occupied, gives you love and forces you to leave home.

A woman hugs her dog

• It reduces her depression

Dogs help you relieve the symptoms of depression, when you can talk to him and he forces you to take him for a walk where you will have to interact with other people.

The first love of a child

The dog can be the child’s first love, they both can go very well and the dog protects and takes care of the child when their parents are working. Dogs can be a care-taker of the child.

Therapeutic work

Animal Assisted Therapies (TAA) are increasingly well known. It is confirmed that dogs have helped many people improve their lives in many areas. Whether people with autism, with concentration problems, people with hearing or visual disabilities.

Detect low sugar levels

According to a Medical Journal publication, more than a third of dogs with diabetic owners change their behavior when people’s blood sugar drops even before humans realize it.

Psychological benefits

Some therapies with dogs are aimed at helping people fight social isolation, nightmares, insomnia, anger and also deals with post-traumatic stress.

Capable of detecting cancer

In 1989 The magazine published an article where a patient reported that his dog was constantly smoothing a mole that later turned out to be a malignant melanoma. At present, it has been proven that dogs are also able to sniff lung, breast, colon and bladder cancer.

Increase immunity

According to a study by the Childhood Allergy & Air Pollution Study, children who live with dogs are less likely to develop allergies. Likewise, a home with a hairy one makes occupants more exposed to bacteria and increases immunity to them.

You will exercise

If you are responsible with your dog you will have a routine so you will be forced to exercise or at least not lead a sedentary life because you will have to take it for a walk or run.

Always in good spirits

You arrive home from exhaust work but your dog gives you kiss because he knows that you will take him on a walk. Hairy people always keep you positive, no matter what happens, you will always have someone waiting for you when you get home.

To be in balance

Various studies have ensured that dogs contribute to mentally mature because having them makes you responsible.

They help people with seizures

Nowadays, dogs are being trained to recognize irregular behaviors in humans and can help them in case of epilepsy attacks. Although some disagree with the abilities of the furry, they recognize that they are a great support in moments like that.

A healthy heart for child

Petting your dog also lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Children with dogs learn directly about life, death, disease, pain or hygiene and are things that are transmitted unconsciously but help to empathize with reality, as well as with animal nature itself.

Dogs are a good source of affection, if the relationship between them is good, the dog becomes an inseparable companion and an accomplice of the little ones. If children are very young, sometimes they do not treat the dog well and require adult supervision to teach them how to treat them.

They will learn to respect animals and will serve as a teaching as well as friendship. In cases of diseases or disorders, there are dogs trained to help children or adults, for example, dogs for autistic children, for the blind … etc.

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