5 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Running Off

When a person decides to receive a pet in his life, he must understand that he is under the obligation to assume that taking care of the life and welfare of a pet is a complete responsibility, since he is assuming that he will ensure his health, for his happiness and his best condition of life.

This happens when you decide to bring a baby into the world, with the difference, that a child over the years develops the ability to speak and make himself understood, while a pet will only be known for years studying his behaviours, moods and forms of expression.

Now, getting into the topic of pets a bit, it is normal to give them a splendid life, take them for a walk, educate them, feed them and take them to their medical visits periodically, but something that we must do with extreme care is to take care of them, both products Toxic, such as food that is not fit to be ingested by our beloved animal, however, it is important to take great care in the education or training of this pet, specifically talking about hours to go to the bathroom, to eat, among other things.

Pets, fun and protection

It is completely understood, when one of the dreams of an animal dad, is to be able to take our pet everywhere, from a walk on the street where we live to a family trip where we can enjoy a beautiful day at the beach playing with our beloved animal, making memorable moments and enjoying to the fullest.

ut, what you should not remember is that in those moments of enjoyment, it is when more care should be taken towards them since, in the middle of a relaxing time, we could lose sight of our animal and go through the unpleasant moment of having lost it.

Having a missing pet is undoubtedly one of the processes with greater anguish, pain and despairs that a person could go through, since different reasons may come to mind, ask who could have brought that beloved member of the family?

Certainly, it could not necessarily be a robbery or kidnapping, simply also, they could have attended a massive and solar event to the puppy unintentionally, and this has been lost in the crowd. The truth of the case is that you must begin to process the disappearance of your pet and begin to search for it carelessly.

Reasons why a pet disappears

Believe it or not, one thing is that your pet misses it, and another very different thing is that it escapes; Although it depends a lot on the type of animal you adopt, there are some who manage to do it by instinct and others could run away from something, however, this is something you should keep in mind when seeing why your pet escaped:

  • Fear
  • Boredom
  • Abuse
  • Routine or instinct
  • Carelessness somewhere in the house without security
  • Lack of pet training

If you have a cat as a pet: It is completely normal for your pet if it is a pussycat, to constantly run away from your home, since within its animal instinct, it is the free being and they manage to escape for days, months, and even, although not you believe, for years, but you must always be sure that he will return, sometimes with scars and traces of abuse, sometimes with pregnancies of stray cats and in some cases, sadly they do not return, but generally, cats tend to return to their homes.

If you have rabbits, turtles or any small and mischievous animal: It probably has not escaped, but is hidden in any corner of the house and you have not searched carefully, put food in a visible place and may appear to be hungry, otherwise, you should remember if you left any window or door open, or if you let a stranger into the house, that way, it could be missing.

If your pet is a dog: Here it could be identified, that when a dog escapes from home, it must be due to some negative feeling, of pain, depression and fear, and those symptoms usually appear when you have frequently mistreated the dog, or if someone very close and dear has stopped being in the home, or just do not feel safe in the environment in which they live.

We must check which of these was the real reason, and in case of being puppies, it could have been a mistake in the security and they have left some door or sale of easy access open and the dog is not in complete training yet.

If your pet is a bird: Here a security mistake could definitely happen, or you trusted that the bird would be kept in its open cage, or you thought that having it free by the house would not run away, or simply by opening the cage, he despaired and in the middle of the flutter you walked away and he took advantage of leaving.

Know these five ways to prevent your dog from escaping

Pets are like children, that’s why they are always recommended to take the time to make that stronger bond, and that can only be achieved by giving time, coexistence, love and a lot of time to get to know each other and make a bond of eternal and consolidated love, therefore, taking into account these 5 ways, you can prevent your pet from escaping again or not doing it for the first time.

1) Do not be angry

Whenever you shout, scold or mistreat your dog, it tends to get depressed and add a little fear every time he sees you, there are many techniques that several dog trainers and veterinarians could teach you, so, if you feel you can not reprimand To your dog in a less violent or aggressive way, ask for an appointment with a trainer and in this way you could put into practice the advice that a professional can offer you.

2) Spend time with your dog

Indispensable, for your dog to feel another member of the family, it is important that they spend time together, consent, play and dedicate it in the day minutes even if it is so that the dog feels loved, is happy and what unless you want to leave the house alone. Dogs love to give and receive love, so take advantage of that wonderful gift.

3) Take care of your dog

That is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking care of your dog is a routine, something that is set within the duties as a canine father, so avoid the dangers, close the doors and windows, do not let out the garden alone if there is any risk, do not let him walk alone on the street, away toxic products easily accessible, everything is possible as long as you do it as a routine and never forget some of these ideas, sometimes there are other animals hanging around your house that could make the environment dangerous for them, and that’s why they run away.

4) Explore things with your dog

Having fun is part of being together, if you see him restless about going somewhere, or see him digging somewhere, or if you see him trying to take you somewhere, accompany him, dogs are intuitive, then let him explore but don’t leave alone, go with him and thus avoid an accident, he will feel protected and will never want to leave you.

5) Invest in a fence for dogs

Important, the wireless fence for dogs is a great help for both pets and children, but in dogs it is very safe, in some cases, people do not take it into account because they think that investing in something like this is unnecessary and expensive. But they always exist accessible budgets, besides that we must be aware, that they do not see it important, until they go through the sad news that the dog escaped because he had no security inside the home. Therefore, look for different fence budgets, we are sure that you will find one that fits your pocket and will be a great investment for the family.

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