Top 10 Furniture Ideas for Pet Lovers

In 2016, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) declared that 68% of American households keep pets. That adds up to around 90 million dogs and cats!

As pet lovers, we want a comfortable home for our family, including our furry friends. Because of that, custom furniture is becoming popular among pet owners. Most pieces are built to serve a double purpose, like the bookshelf/ cat perch, scratch post/ cat bed, and more.

Furniture is not just a useful piece; it is also a decorative feature that beautifies and brings value to a home. Opting for furniture that’s both functional and stylish is practical! Plus, it makes your pets more comfortable, making them love you more.

Today, I will be listing down 10 clever furniture ideas for the awesome pet lovers.

1. Stylish Scratching Post

Clawing is only natural once the claws come out. Hence, you would want to appease your cat’s instinct to claw. Aside from picking a tightly woven fabric for your rugs and upholstery, you can count on scratching posts.

Instead of giving your cat the regular scratch post, you might want to bring in something special. You can opt for a stylish and dual-purpose design.

Designer Evan Ryan created The Cone, one of the popular scratching posts. He developed this sleeping nook/ scratching post that suits a modern interior. The cozy cat bed has a machine-washable and reversible cushion. The wrap is made of 100% natural sisal fiber. Most cat furniture relies on the strength and durability of sisal fabric.

2. Leather Sofa

Leather is the go-to fabric choice for pet lovers. Its characteristics make it the perfect material for pet-friendly furniture. Leather has durable exteriors that resist scratch marks. If your pet loves scratching and you worry a lot about the blemish, the distressed leather is a good option for you.

Leather is an easy-clean material that lets go of stains, fur, crumbles, and dirt with simple wiping. Also, it resists odors that might build up over time. Further, leather gets better with age. As it receives stretches and pulls, it becomes stronger and more resilient. It will take a good amount of force to tear it apart.

Indeed, leather is a low-maintenance fabric that you can count on, especially if you have pets and little children at home. Leather is not only hassle-free but also very stylish! It comes in different colors, textures, sheen, and patterns.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is an online seller of elegant and durable fabrics. They feature a wide collection of materials, ranging from leather to velvet, suede, and more.

3. Cat-friendly Bookshelves

Rejoice, book lovers! This segment is for you and kitty.

My favorite cat-friendly bookshelf is the one made by BFDO Architects. They provided a clever solution to showcasing a massive book collection. At the same time, the furniture gives pets a place to roam.

The bookshelf has steps, a trap door, and an open ledge. These allow cats to climb, hide, go to the second floor, or observe human activities from above. The shelf was designed with shy cats in mind; so that they can easily run off from unpredictable guests.

4. Twill Swivel Chair

A while ago, we talked about the goodness of leather. But, aside from leather, there are other upholstery fabrics that suit homes with pets.

Twill is a tightly-woven cloth typically made from cotton or wool. This material is heavy and durable, making it a great cover for cushions, sofas, and armchairs. As a bonus, twill hides stains well.

When choosing a furniture cover, it’s helpful to consider the fabric’s weave. Tightly woven fabrics are the best for a pet-friendly couch. Tight weaves are hard to claw. Therefore, cats and dogs alike will get bored of pulling it. On the other hand, loose weaves are easy to claw and unravel. Hence, your pet will enjoy playing with it until it rips.

If you are not a fan of twill, you can opt for other tightly woven fabrics. Some of them are canvas, satin, tweed, and denim.

5. Built-in Dog House Beside Sofa

You can’t keep watch of your pet all day just to ensure that they’re off the couch. Hence, if you can’t shoo them, join them.

Designer Seungji Mun created the “Dog House Sofa,” a creative piece that ensures there’s enough space for everyone in the living room. While there’s the main seat, there’s a space in the corner provided for your pup. And, if you wish to cuddle up, your furry companion can easily climb through the arm of the couch.

The designer and his company aim to develop products that improve the harmony between people and their four-legged friends. Hence, this sofa is devised to serve as a medium of communication and the sharing of emotions.

The piece is made with canvas fabric, a tight-weave cloth usually made from cotton. It is among the best materials to use as furniture cover when you have pets or kids at home.

6. Unique Litter Box

Look at this gorgeous clay pottery. This is a cat litter box. Can you tell? If you can’t, then your guest probably can’t, too. Good Pet Stuff Co. designed a hidden litter box system that you won’t mind your guest seeing. This may be a good addition to your functional pieces that add charm to the home.

The makers of this litter box also considered odor. The piece comes with a filtered venting system which also controls dust. Hence, a smelly litter box will be one less of a problem. Further, the pot is spacious enough to accommodate large cats.

7. Cat Tunnel Sofa

Designer Seungji Mun created a piece that incorporates a playground for your pet. The piece is called the “Cat Tunnel Sofa.” As the name suggests, it features a tunnel that nurtures your cat’s love for climbing. This piece was created to bring harmony to the activities of the cat parents and their feline friends. The designer had the same intentions when he made the Dog House Sofa.

The Cat Tunnel Sofa is a product of rigorous studies involving the behaviors and habits of cats. It serves as a playground for pets while you sit back and relax. It enables your cats to stay close while you are watching TV or trying a new nail art. It is a space-saving piece that is especially perfect for houses with limited space.

8. Dark-colored Couch

You will always end up with fur around the house, no matter how much you vacuum. Hence, you would want these pet hairs to appear less visible. Pet owners rely on dark-colored furniture as a solution to this concern. A dark-colored couch hides stains and dirt between cleanings. In contrast, a light-colored fabric will highlight marks and impurities.

Go to the dark side when picking a furniture color. Neutral colors like brown, black, and dark gray are your safest bet. You can also opt for dark hues that match your décor better. Prints and patterns are also great, especially for hiding scratches.

When buying upholstery fabric, remember to match it to the fur color of your pet. Try to pick the dark shade nearest to your pet’s hair.

9. Wheatgrass Table

People recognize cats as obligate carnivores. Hence, it is quite surprising that many cats enjoy munching on wheat grass. Cats benefit from eating wheat grass in certain ways. The grass aids in digestion, weight loss, fertility, skin miniaturization, muscle pain relief, and tooth decay prevention.

Designer Emily Wettstein developed the “Planter Table,” one of the popular dining tables featuring wheat grass. She intended the piece to be cat-friendly. Pet owners sure loved the idea. It is a great way to take nature indoors without using extra planters.

If you like this concept, you can try giving your table an upgrade. Remember to make the planter removable. That way, you can replace the soil easily and plant something new if you decide to.

10. Dining Set with Metal Legs

Not every dog chew on furniture. However, some young pups love gnawing on wood. Training your pets not to attack your treasured piece takes time and effort. Also, you can’t watch them when you’re away.

Prevent the distress of coming home to chewed up couch legs by avoiding wooden pieces. Choose furniture with metal legs, from your chairs to tables. Or, swap out your piece’s wooden legs for metal. Metal, unlike wood, will not invite chewing.

To satisfy your fur baby’s desire to gnaw, give them treats like dental chews and flavored sticks.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you find this post informative and inspiring.

We all want a charming and cozy home. As pet lovers, we take more factors at play when decorating the house. This ensures that it provides for the needs of our furry companion.

Most of the pet-friendly furniture ideas listed above are easy to achieve. Putting the time and effort now will save you from long cleaning periods and frustration later on.

See you next time! Stay creative!

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