Seven Secrets to Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Dog has been the most loyal companions of humanity since the time they learned to make fires and grow crops.

Out of all the animals, dogs have shown complete support and unbiased love towards man and his family for eons.
With that said, it is the sacred duty of every dog owner to give his or her canine friend a comfortable and healthy life via best dog food.

Although enjoying a little fun time with your furry friend is not a bad thing. However, leaving them on their own is not what they expect.

With that, we have come up with a list of secrets, which you can use to give your canine friend a great and healthy life.

1. High Quality Diet

  • The habit of eating healthy applies equally to your dog as it does to you. If your furry friend not provided the proper raw pet food, then it will suffer from food allergies.
  • Some of the best dog treats contain a whole lot of protein in the ingredient list and offer complete nutritional value without any artificial flavors, colors, additives, or preservatives.
  • Keep in mind that certain dog breeds suffer from itchy skin and poor coat, which is often a result of refined grains, including corn, enriched wheat. We recommend you instead look for a more natural food formula.
  • Moreover, the best diet will always consist of high-quality protein and carbohydrates, including supplemental ingredients as omega fatty acids, glucosamine, antioxidants, and chondroitin.

2. Sufficient Exercise

  • An active dog is a healthy dog, and exercise is necessary to do a thing to keep it that way. It offers your furry friends many benefits that affect their lives in different ways.
  • A dog getting enough exercise will maintain healthy body weight, have stronger muscles, and have a high quality of life. The one thing which every dog owner needs to keep in mind is the breed of their canine.

3. Regular Visits to Veterinarian

  • Your furry friend might appear healthy on the outside, but it is still essential to visit the veterinarian regularly. Every dog requires yearly immunity shots and a complete body examination.
  • A regular checkup will provide the doctor with a chance to catch any problems at an earlier stage. In short, it will increase the effectiveness of the medications in treating these conditions.
  • Moreover, a visit to the veterinarian does not include your furry friend feeling any pain or discomfort. Hence, the dog will less likely link the doctor’s office to painful and negative emotions.
  • We recommend you get regular appointments with a reputed veterinarian to ensure your dog enjoys a healthy life. At the same time, you need not compromise with providing the dog with high-quality raw pet food for good health.

4. Let Your Dog Play Safely

  • Toys always provide a proper mental stimulation to your canine and help them unwind their frustration and anger on something.
  • A chew toy might be a fantastic idea for helping your dog develops stronger bites, but a low-quality toy will provide nothing more than a significant choking hazard.
  • Moreover, cheap chew toys break apart regularly, and any large piece can get lodged inside the intestinal tract of your pet. Either of the situations is fatal and can even lead to the need for a surgery to get the piece out.
  • We recommend you instead choose only high quality and durable chewing toys to keep the canine safe.

5. Understand Different Medical Emergencies

  • Understand that some of the most frightening diseases, which can affect your canine friend, are often sudden and, unfortunately, serious. For example, dog bloat includes your canine’s stomach filling up with air and twists, which is a medical emergency.
  • Make sure to keep the veterinarian contact details handy and know the fastest way to animal emergency clinics in such situations.
  • For first time owners, they can also enroll in a dog-centered first aid course, which will help one understand the symptoms of specific conditions and the right course of action.
  • A useful tip is to have a first-aid kit always within the vicinity in the house to help the owners treat minor wounds at home or stabilize them till reaching the emergency facility.
  • However, remember that the majority of issues always arise due to a poor diet. We recommend you instead try the Naturawn pet food for keeping your dog healthy.

6. Keep The Dog Leashed Outdoors

  • At times, your dog might run off into the traffic from the pavement, and before you know, it is over. Moreover, the owners leave many to fend for themselves, leading to disorientation and homelessness.
  • It is painful and disheartening to view such situations, which one can easily prevent by using a simple item.
  • Keep a leash on the dog, but do keep vigilance and tight grip so that the dog does not run off the first opportunity it gets.
  • With technology, many owners often utilize technology, including a GPS collar, which they can later use to find their missing friend.

7. Follow Precaution When Giving Human Food

  • Although there is nothing wrong with throwing your canine friend a carrot or two from the salad, at all costs, avoid feeding them with excessive amounts. It can lead to them developing behavioral and health problems.
  • It will make the dog ask more for your food and, at the same time, also increase the risk of nutritional deficiencies, as they would ignore their food.
  • At the same time, avoid feeding them certain food items, including chocolate, sugar-free candies, walnuts, grapes, onions, and garlic. These might cause a severe health problem for your canine friend.
  • We recommend you instead not feed them with human foods, as it will always lead to bad behavior in the future.

End note

With that said, it is time that you follow these guidelines to take good care of your dog’s health and happiness. The best dog food will help them remain happy and free of any severe medical conditions. Trust Us! Your dog will love you for this!

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