How You Can Stay Productive Running Your Home-Based Business When You’re Adopting a New Pet

Being productive requires a lot of careful planning and a focus on what you intend to accomplish. When you are starting a business and you’ve recently welcomed a new pet into your home, sticking to your plans can be difficult, but it is possible with the following tips, brought to you below by House of Petz.

1. Arrange a Scheduling System

Both business owners and pets benefit from regular schedules. Identify a calendaring system to manage your time. There are apps, tools, and affordable resources to simplify this process; for example, templates let you create an online calendar that’s visually appealing and easy to use. Whichever calendar you prefer, choose a system that allows you to view the overall plan while still focusing on your daily responsibilities. Use your planner to plan your days and review the tasks you’ll complete the next day, both for work and caring for your pet.

2. Form an LLC

A limited liability company may benefit your home-based business. LLCs tend to be simpler to manage than other entities and typically can be formed in five to six steps. This frees up time you’ll need to meet the demands of training and caring for a new pet. The flexibility of the structure is also an important benefit when adjusting to life with an animal, especially as you work to improve productivity. Keep in mind that the regulations governing the formation of an LLC vary from state to state.

3. Use To-Do Lists

A daily to-do list helps you break down complicated tasks into steps that can be accomplished within their allotted time frame. Some people find it helpful to set a timer, so they don’t get caught up in one activity and forget to move on to another priority. You definitely don’t want to work through your pet’s scheduled potty break or spend so much time playing with your pet that you miss an important deadline.

4. Boost Your Business Knowledge

Is this your first time running your own business? Look for learning opportunities to increase your business acumen. You can research best business practices online, or you can take it a step further and enroll in an MBA program to learn more about management, decision making, operations, and leadership. With an online program, you’ll be able to continue handling the day-to-day responsibilities of your business while you learn.

5. Create a Sustainable Routine

As you become familiar with your sustainable routine and develop productive habits, Smarter Time notes that you’ll find that it’s easier to accomplish your daily goals. Start with a morning routine, including the basics such as personal hygiene, eating a nutritious breakfast, and giving your pet attention and exercise. Keep the routine simple enough that you can complete the activities without causing yourself unnecessary stress. Once you have a basic daily routine outlined, stick to it for a few weeks before you begin adding new activities.

6. Spend Time Intentionally

Greater Good Magazine suggests being specific and intentional in how you spend your time and skip time-wasters. Avoid adding items to your schedule that you’ll complete “if possible.” If you don’t have time to exercise your pup, reach out to a dog walker. When you have set aside time to run your business, don’t try to fit in your errands too. Your routine will be more effective when you focus on specific priorities.

Remember to add free time to your schedule for your physical and emotional health. Reviewing your routine regularly is crucial as well. Naturally, your pet’s needs and your work priorities will change and evolve as your pet and business both grow.

As you perfect your routine, you’ll be able to work more effectively. And when you prioritize wellness for you and your pet and grow your business through intentional habits, you may find the work-life balance you’ve been searching for.

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