How to Prevent the Birds from House Dangers?

House dangers are very hazardous for pets. They can be responsible for the injuries in dogs; in some extreme cases, the injuries can also lead them to death. So, it’s important to prevent the pet birds from house dangers. Basically, you need to remove the household hazards and make your home bird-friendly. If the household items are ingested, inhaled, or placed in contact with their body, these can cause death. Sometimes they also face a mild reaction.

But the best way is to remove all the house dangers from home. Let’s see some of the house dangers, which can be deadly for your pet bird. Whenever you open the door, make sure your pet bird is not sitting on top of it.

Windows, doors, and skylights

Pet birds do not understand the glass and try to fly through it. To eliminate this danger, you can clip the wings of your bird or remove the glass. You can cover the window with drapes, blinds, or shades. Many people also install decals on their windows to deter wild birds. Make sure the skylights are installed perfectly; there is no loose wire, which can cause injury to your bird.

Fans and extreme temperature

Birds can’t bear the extreme heat and cold as well. Moreover, both the ceiling and regular fans pose a danger to your bird. Moreover, don’t place any cage or play station in any drafty area. Make sure it’s away from fans, open windows, and heat registers. Also, don’t place it in the cold rooms or in the area, which is in the full sun with no shade. Make sure to turn off all the fans when your pet bird is out of the cage.

Suffocation or crushing

Many birds like to find a small hole in the home where they can rest. But there are equal chances of suffocation in narrow places. Moreover, don’t crush your bird underfoot during walking in the home. Make sure to always look when you are walking. Many of the birds are yearly reported to be killed from being stepped on.

Don’t allow the birds in the areas where the computers, printers, vacuum cleaners, and other mechanical and electrical devices are used.

Before lying anything on the bed covers, laundry basket, or other areas, make sure your pet bird is not gotten between the layers. Don’t sleep with your pet bird as you do with your pet dog. You can crush them due to their small size.

Electrical and other cords

All types of cords are a serious threat to the birds. The chewing through the cord can cause several burns and electrocution. They can also chew the other cords, including the phone, computer, stereo, cable TV, and appliance cords. You can use the spiral cable wrap to reduce the risk. It’s a flexible plastic sheath, which can be wound around the cords. You can also go for the hard plastics, which come in various sizes and colors. You need to apply these plastics to the area above the baseboards.

Interaction with children

A bird could be hearted if a child improperly handled. You need to take into account the age of the children, their maturity, and experience with the birds. Especially, don’t leave your child alone with the pet bird. Moreover, take into account the temperament of the children and pets as well. It would be best if you established some rules about the pet bird, including who may feeder him or her and what supervision is necessary. Try to show the correct way to your child to handle the pet bird. Make sure to have a safe area where your pet bird feels safe.

Interaction with other pets

You need to ensure extreme care while introducing your bird to other pets. Much natural instinct for felines to prey on birds. The large birds can be more aggressive. Sometimes the animal bites proved as more fetal and caused several injuries to birds. So, whenever your bird is bitten, try to seek veterinary attention as soon as possible. Make sure to don’t leave alone your pet bird with any other pet even if they are well along together. The bird cages should be at certain heights where the other animals can’t reach. Don’t leave the aquariums open to prevent the birds from drowning and ingestion.

Your bird should not have success with a corncob or hay bedding. These can contain molds and cause digestive problems. Moreover, the cat litter boxes should be out of the reach of the birds. The dust and scent can cause respiratory problems, and ingestion in the birds. The water dishes should be out of the reach of the pet birds as the birds can down in a very small amount of water. Don’t leave your pet birds in the areas where the heat lamps are used, as they can burn the birds. Make sure to own all the medications and supplements, especially those that are flavored.

Kitchen Hazards

The kitchen contains an endless number of hazards for a pet bird. One of the most serious is the burns; they can burn from open ovens, toasters, coffee pots, tea kettles, boiling water, or hot cooking oil. Moreover, the toxic fumes from the Teflon and the other non-stick cookware, including the pots, waffle irons, slow-cookers, and drip pans, can cause a serious threat. The fumes can be very dangerous for the birds. They can also get injuries from dishwashers, freezers, and refrigerators. The sharp, shiny objects can be responsible for cuts. Many birds also get grease, butter, margarine, and oils on their feathers. Don’t provide toxic foods to your pet bird, including chocolate, tea, coals, and other caffeinated birds.

Bathroom Hazards

Bathrooms are equally hazardous for pet birds like the kitchens. You need to be in extreme care while allowing the bird in this room. Make sure to prevent access water in the sinks, bathtubs, toilet bowls, and Jacuzzis. Make sure to place the large decals on mirrors to prevent the birds from mirror crash. Moreover, keep all the other poisonous items such as shaving cream, and lotion, aerosol hairsprays, hair dyes, and permanent solution.

These are some of the house dangers, which can cause serious threats for any bird including the pet, and wild birds. You can visit for more information about bird dangers.

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