Keeping your home clean and your pets safe throughout the spring cleaning season

The time has come to deep clean our homes for spring. We clean our homes thoroughly to keep our and our family members’ health safe. Pets are a big part of our families and therefore, we need to protect their health as well.

The spring cleaning season is a great opportunity for you to declutter and tidy your pet’s corner and belongings. You can save your pet from allergies and bacteria by using the right methods of cleaning.

You should also think about how little awareness pets usually have. You have to be careful so that your little buddy doesn’t bring dirt and bacteria home and doesn’t risk your health as well as theirs.

Stop Your Dogs from Spreading Dirt

One of the common issues that dog owners have to face is a lot of paw-shaped dirt on the flooring. Sometimes you can’t even see the dirt trail, but the bacteria are there, so you are at risk of catching a virus if you walk barefoot at home.

Sometimes, if you can’t wipe the dirt from the floor fast enough, your pet might even try to lick it. Therefore, you need to wipe your pet’s paws as soon as they are at the door. You have to ensure that your pet is always clean and doesn’t carry dirt and mud around. This is essential for your and your pet’s safety.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Using non-toxic cleaners is a must for spring cleaning. The spring cleaning season is when we start to care about our property maintenance the most because the cold days are nearly over and we have a lot to do. Therefore, many homeowners get their cleaning products out and start wiping floors and windows at the beginning of spring.

A lot of these homeowners use cleaning supplies that are filled with a lot of chemicals and toxins. Toxic cleaning products are bad for your health as they fill the air when you spray your floor and tables with them. However, they can be worse for your pet.

Pets tend to lick and bite items in our homes, if these items have been cleaned with toxic chemicals, your pet could damage their health. The best option for your health and your pet’s health is to use green cleaning products that are created with healthy and natural ingredients.

Groom Your Pet

Grooming makes our cute little friends look even more adorable. However, that’s not the only reason you need to groom your pet. When you start spring cleaning, you need to ensure that nothing gets in your way. You could clean every inch of your home, sit down to relax, and then find a bunch of hair on the couch and on the floor. To avoid such occurrences, you need to ensure that your pet is properly groomed. Brush their hair often and cut it when necessary.

You need to cut your pet’s sharp claws regularly as well. Not only because they could scratch your furniture and themselves, but because long nails can carry a lot of dirt and bacteria.

Bathing your pet as often as necessary is crucial. Pets could have allergies or suffer from brutal parasites. You can avoid these issues by keeping your pet clean all the time. Bathing your pet will also keep their hair soft and detangled. If your pet is particularly difficult to groom, you could also employ the services of an Irvine Dog Grooming company, or one nearer to where you live, for professional assistance. This ensures your furry friend receives the care they need to stay healthy.

Clean Your Pet’s Items

Your pet probably has many chew toys, a collar, and a seat. You need to ensure that your furry friend’s belongings are always tidy. If you want to protect your pet’s health during this spring cleaning season, ensure to add cleaning their toys to the list.

You don’t want your dog or your cat playing with a toy that could be covered in dirt and bacteria. If your pet has a pet bed and a corner, you should also do your best to clean it well. Especially if your pet plays a lot outdoors. It’s important to have your pets avoid allergies. Even if you don’t realize it, pets can be very allergic to a variety of things. It would be easier for you to clean your pet’s bed if you used removable covers.

Final Thoughts

As a pet owner in an apartment or house, you probably look at your furry family member as your little child. You are responsible for your pet’s safety, security, and health. Therefore, when you start the spring cleaning process, you need to include cleaning your pet and their belongings, so that they are safe from allergies, bacteria, and dirt as well.

This way you will protect your family members (including your four-legged buddy) from viruses and health problems.

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