Do Pets Benefit by Wearing Clothes?

There is no doubting the absolute cuteness of dogs with hats, kittens with mittens, and other adorable pictures of the furry friends wearing clothes that were bought for them. However, is the cuteness the only factor that makes pet clothes worth it? We, humans, are smooth and hairless. We need to wear clothes for protection against different elements. On the other hand, our pets have fur that invalidates the needs for clothes. Therefore, it is important to learn about how pet clothes affect their wellbeing.

Advantages of Pet Clothing

Pet owners need to ensure that their pets are comfortable as well as safe. Many pet owners dress up their pets just because they look cute and adorable wearing clothes Moreover, there is nothing wrong with this, pets can benefit from wearing the clothes, be it a shirt, sweater, dress, or hoodie. Your pet might thank you for the new dress. Here are some ways in which your pet can benefit from wearing clothes

Warmth and Thermal Protection

When the winter and fall months start to approach, it might take more than the fur of the cat to keep itself warm. No matter, even if your cat or dog stays indoor in the comfort of central heating of the home, winter mornings might be very risky. Dressing your dog or cat in a shirt, sweater or hoodie is a quick as well as an easy way to protect against cold.

As long as you choose the one made with thick wool or cotton blend, it would keep your pet warm no matter where you are staying. There are several types of clothes for cats and dogs in the market. From a basic cotton t-shirt to dresses, sweaters, and hoodies having cute graphics, you can get everything. Ensure you choose the clothes that provide a high level of warmth as well as comfort when your pet is wearing them.

Bonding Experience

The inimitable bonding experience that dressing up your pet creates between you is a lesser-known advantage. When going college, working, or doing the day-to-day tasks, it can be difficult to find time for the pet. As a result, many pet owners neglect their little furry friends only to feed and water them when needed.

However, to remain mentally healthy as well as happy, the pets require attention, love, and affection from the owners. Taking a few minutes if the day to dress up the pet allows you to develop a bond with little friends as well as satisfy their attention need.

Fashion Statement

Although pet clothes are used to provide warmth as well as thermal protection, many pet owners dress up their pets because they look cute. Seeing your little kitten or cute pup in funny clothing is enough to make you smile, no matter how bad your day was.

In case you wish to give a fashionable look to your cat, you need to dress up the cat in cute clothes. You need not go all out with numerous layers or accessories. Sticking with the basics is enough to make your cat look fashionable and draw compliments from your family as well as friends.

Clean Surfaces

Fur or hair of the pet might be tolerable at the home, park, backyard, but not everywhere. When going to the doctor’s clinic or visiting a friend, you might feel embarrassed due to excess shedding. Clothing your pet is one of the ways to keep the fur away. The clothes of your pet would keep the shed hair in the t-shirt or sweater as well as away from the carpet, couch, and car interiors. Apart from clean surfaces, clothing pet would reduce the effects of an allergy to the fur.

Apart from these, it is essential to pay attention to pet clothing during hot weather as well. In summers, many dog owners tend to shave their dogs. However, they might not realize that shaving can make the dog miss the advantages of insulation offered by its natural fur. Moreover, the dogs having light-color skin might suffer skin damage due to exposure to harsh sun rays of the summer. Wearing the light-weight t-shirt during summer can help your pet to stay cool.

Things to Keep in Mind While Dressing Up Your Pet

Nothing can be cuter than pets dressed in apparel. However, the safety and comfort of the pets are the topmost priorities in the pet dress up the situation. Here are a few things that you need to consider while dressing up your pets to ensure that they are stress-free and safe

  • Pet might resist clothing. Start by dressing up a t-shirt or sweater for a few minutes and then increase the time gradually.
  • When wearing clothing, the pets might become overheated if they are active during a walk or if the temperature rises. If your pet sweats while wearing clothes, remove them immediately.

Apart from these, when buying the cats or dogs clothes online, ensure they are neither too loose nor too tight. Look for the one in which your pet can walk, sit as well as go to the restroom easily. And ensure that clothing has minimum buttons of flaps as these could be chewed as well as swallowed.

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