Common Queries People Search Related To Pet Vitamins

You can buy any accessory for your cats and dogs, but when it comes to pet vitamins, you cannot just pick up anything off the shelf. Whether or not to give additional vitamins is the most common concern of any pet owner, so don’t worry, you are not alone in this journey. We have shortlisted some of the most common questions asked by pet owners and provided answers for them, so you won’t have to go through the choosing process alone.

Does Pet Need Vitamins?

The most common query of every pet owner is to figure out if they need any pet vitamins. Usually, the pet that consumes commercially processed food receives a complete diet with necessary vitamins and minerals. But, the dogs that are fed a homemade diet may need to consume additional dog vitamins. Now, this is where many pet owners go wrong. You cannot just add the vitamins yourself. Get a consultation with the vet to choose the best option.

Are There Any Risks Involved In Giving Vitamins?

Yes, there can be. If your dog is already receiving a well-balanced diet, then the excessive consumption of vitamins and minerals can be harmful to the pet. Therefore, we would suggest you visit the vet and share all the dietary details of the pet. Then, if they recommend it, buy the additional vitamins.

Here’s how the excessive vitamin can worsen your dog’s health:

  • Overdose of calcium can increase the skeletal problems
  • Too much vitamin A becomes the reason for joint pain and causes dehydration and blood vessel problems.
  • Too much vitamin D will harm the bones and will stop the dog from eating anything.

What Are The Factors I Need To Consider Before Buying Vitamins?

Before you feed any organic dog vitamins to the pet, you need to take the following factors into the consideration:

  • Age : The nutrients requirements of a growing pup are completely different from that of an adult. Since puppies are in a growing phase, they most probably will need a more vitamin-rich diet. So, consult your vet to see if your pup needs the additional intake.
  • Medical History: If your pet has a genetic disease or any medical issue, you need to be extremely careful in what you are feeding them. You need to make sure to give them vitamins that will help in improving the overall health, and also see that they do not interfere with the working of other medications.
  • Diet: The dietary need of every pet is different. You need to understand what vitamins your pet is already consuming in its diet to avoid the excess. If your pet already getting all the vitamins from its diet, then you don’t need to provide them with additional supplements.

Once you have considered these factors with the combination of your vet’s consultation, then you can buy the additional vitamins from the stores like IVS Pet. They have high-quality products that will not affect your pet’s health.

We all want to see our pets in the best health and condition. Although most of the time, the diet is enough to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals, in some cases, the pets will need additional vitamins. Again, we recommend you consider the factors mentioned above and consult with the vet to determine the right course of action for the pet.

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