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The kind of paw-sitivity and happiness a dog brings, it is needless to say why handmade dog portraits have become one of the most cherished pieces of art.

To honor our brave hearts with their wet nose, PortraitFlip has come up with the beautiful idea of creating handmade dog portrait paintings.

Portraits mean efforts. It always has a sentimental value attached to it and even though your dog wouldn’t probably recognize this effort, he deserves it.

Your fur-frenzy, four-legged ball of affection is not going to be around you for a long time and dog portraits are the best way to seize the bond that you share with your fido.

“A portrait is like an ornamental headstone. It is not for the subject, but for those who look upon it. For those you want to remember.”


Handmade Dog Portraits: The Kinds

Considering the kind of fickle-minded humans can be, one can never come up with an exact theme or idea for a dog portrait.

Amidst thousands of photographs together, some lost, some blurred, one can hardly decide.

To make things a little easier for your PortraitFlip has divided handmade dog portraits into four kinds.

1. Memorial Dog Portrait

It can be really hard to get over the loss of a dog with every corner reminding you of him.
This one is to honor the ones we have lost forever.

A memorial dog portrait will not only help a grieving dog-ma and paw heal but will also crystallize the lost one’s memory forever.

2. Compilation/Merged Dog Portrait

As restless as dogs can be, it can be a task to have all your dogs in a frame without one of them messing up.
This one is for dogs who have never learned to sit quietly.

A compilation/merged dog portrait gives dog-parents the chance to make a compiled different dog photographs into one portrait.

This way you save yourself some energy organizing them.

Since the artist makes it from the scratch, it looks almost like they were captured together.

3. Royal Dog Portraits

The kind of efforts dogs put in to entertain us, they deserve some royal treatment.
This one is for the humorous, always entertaining dog who can pull off an imperial look.

4. Custom Dog Portraits

When you have nowhere to go, custom dog portrait is the final call.

You have the upper-hand while selecting the dimensions, mediums, frame, or any other specification here and there.
This one is for the wants-personalization-in-every-think kind.

Handmade Dog Portraits: The Mediums

Contrary to the beliefs, a portrait is not always black and white. There are mediums in art and you need to wear a creative hat to decide one for your dog portrait painting.

Have you ever wondered how your active, always sparky, pooch would look in a monochrome portrait? Dull right?
Thank god PortraitFlip has mediums!

– one to suit every personality your dog reflects.

1. Dog Oil Portraits

Oil generally has a pigmentation that makes the dog portrait look brighter and richer. Most dog owners choose this medium since it turns out more real and lively.

Perfect to go with the personality of an elegant, full of attitude dog.

2. Dog Acrylic Portraits

Acrylic is a perfect blend of oil and water-color. Dog portraits look more versatile one this medium since it is very easy to form more textures and layers by simply adding more water.

Perfect to go with the personality of a cheerful and lively pooch.

3. Dog Watercolor Portraits

Watercolor gives a lustrous sheen making it look luminous and smooth. It comes out subtle creating a unique effect.
Perfect to go with the personality of a soft, absolutely earnest doggo.

4. Dog Charcoal Portraits

Charcoal works excellent for giving shading and textures to an otherwise boring black and white dog portrait.
Though charcoal is cheap it is astonishing what it can do on a canvas.

Perfect to go with the personality of an expressive fido.

5. Dog Pencil Portraits

The pencil sketch is one of the most commonplace phenomena but that does not mean it makes your dog look commonplace.

An artist who has mastered pencil art is capable of creating wonderful effects and textures which will make you want to stare at the portrait keeping everything aside.

Perfect to go with the personality of a dog who is a hidden warrior.

6. Dog Color Pencil Portraits

Colo Pencil portraits may not exactly be the kind that will look good on big walls but you may want to use it as a table piece.

More colorful and vivid, you can use it for office décor.

Perfect to go with the personality of a dog that looks innocent but can turn shit up!

Why Is PortraitFlip The Best Service On Web?

Four  ultimutt reasons and you will not leave the page without getting yourself a dog portrait.

  1. Our portraits are 100% Handmade by Professional Dog Portrait Artists selected from across the globe.
  2. We give Free Shipping Worldwide – Yes! No, there are no hidden costs.
  3. No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. If the portrait does not reach you due to some reason or if the product is not what you thought it to be (we don’t think this day is going to arrive, however), you get your money back.
  4. 4.7 Trustpilot Rating – I don’t think I need to explain this.
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May you have the conscience to choose what is right, Amen!

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