Five Best Benefits Of CBD Dog Treats – Find Out Here!

Perhaps you have heard about the growing popularity of CBD or cannabidiol dog treats. In recent years, CBD has built a reputation for its many health benefits on humans. Various products containing CBD oil have become commercially available and people have been benefiting from its positive effects.

Medical conditions are remedied through the consumption of CBD, or they may take it to simply improve their overall health and wellness. These effects are what drove companies to develop CBD-infused treats for man’s best friend!

You may be wondering – why bother to buy CBD dog treats when you can give them regular treats and they will enjoy it just the same? Or they can simply keep taking the drugs prescribed by your local vet? We have compiled the wellness benefits of CBD dog treats to help you make an informed decision about buying them for your pets that you will surely love.

1. No need to worry about your dog getting “high”

Dog lovers might be concerned that their pets’ CBD intake will cause them to experience a “high” – similar to humans. However, this is not a possibility with CBD dog treats because CBD itself does not have any psychoactive effects. Although it does come from the same hemp plant, it is the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol component that is responsible for the psychoactive effects or the “high.”

Pure hemp CBD oil is the component in the dog treats so your dogs can experience the relaxation without intoxication!

2. Relieves pain and anxiety

With these health conditions comes chronic pain and even anxiety for some dogs. Symptoms of anxiety include hiding indoors, heaving and panting, pacing around, and whimpering to ask for help. Studies show that CBD has been effective to reduce these symptoms, as well as nerve-related pain and inflammation. As CBD decreases chronic inflammation, your dog gets a bigger chance to live a long and happy life!

You will find that there are hundreds of online reviews online from pet owners about how InTune’s CBD dog treats helped with their dogs’ anxiety. The dogs also seem to enjoy the peanut butter flavor of the treats! And we can all agree that our dogs deserve nothing but the best.

It is also important to do a quality check, since not all CBD dog treats are created equal. Otherwise, it may contain pesticides or solvents which can harm your dog or hinder wellness benefits. A reliable CBD provider like InTune offers dog treats that contain broad-spectrum CBD, and have done tests to analyze the CBD they used so pet owners can be guaranteed of its purity and quality. Despite the peanut butter flavoring, their treats are even 100% vegan and natural, without corn, wheat, or soy products.

3. CBD dog treats have controlled dosage and delicious flavors

You may be worried about the CBD content in just one dog treat and how it will affect your dog, especially if it’s their first take. However, companies that make CBD dog treats have carefully formulated the appropriate dosage – the CBD dosage comes in either 5 mg or 10 mg for each piece. InTune CBD dog treats have packaged their treats with a CBD strength of either 5 mg (for every 25 lbs) or 10 mg (for 50 lbs), so you can conveniently choose what you need for your dog.

4. Gives your dog natural immune system support

Studies have shown that CBD has several health benefits on humans, many of which are applicable to dogs. There are many possibilities with how CBD oil can strengthen your pet’s immune system. It is known to manage and prevent arthritis, joint pain, digestive problems, and neurological and blood disorders. Cancer is also prevented as CBD helps fight off the free radicals, thus preventing the development of cancer cells in your dog’s system. It also has anti-tumor properties that slow or even inhibit glioma cell growth.

Sure, your dog can take vitamins, medicines, and supplements to address such health concerns. But some of those products may contain chemicals and pesticides, which have adverse health effects on your dog (like nausea) or even cause health problems that were not there, to begin with. CBD dog treats are 100% pure, natural, and organic, so you can be assured of its quality as natural immune system support.

5. Effective remedy for several medical conditions

For the dogs who already have health problems, treats containing CBD can give them that well-needed relief. Traditional medicines may cause side effects like diarrhea and aggression and some dog treats contain artificial flavors or preservatives. Meanwhile, CBD is a natural supplement so you can be assured that there is no risk in harming your dog’s organs or an overdose.

Similar to humans, CBD can relieve the dog’s joint pain, and this is common for active dogs that have weaker muscles due to aging, previous injuries, or recovering from a disease. The CBD dog treats can relieve and relax the dogs that are suffering from general inflammation caused by problems like obesity, stress, osteoarthritis, and acute pancreatitis.

Also, it is estimated that 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. There are available drugs to help control these seizures but may be harmful to the dog’s liver or other organs. Clinical studies have been done to show that dogs with CBD oil consumption experienced less pain and had fewer seizures compared to those without the CBD oil treatment. It was also shown to increase their appetite, so this helps with vomiting and nausea too.

If you are looking for maximum health benefits for your beloved pet, it would be good to consider buying CBD dog treats. Although it sounds controversial at first, it is a natural supplement that helps with a variety of medical conditions, strengthening your dog so they can live a long life and enjoy many happy years with you!

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