Balancing Work With Being A Pet Owner

Owning a pet is something that many people wish for as it could be an experience filled with joy, chaos, and love. Having your fur friend to care for is certainly a fun-filled adventure. Animals could be affectionate, clingy, and needy so as an owner, you do have to be able to provide enough time, attention, and safe-keeping to your pets.

Pets are lovable, but caring for them could be a bit of a challenge, especially for employed people or even for students who are busy with a lot of things. Knowing how to manage your work and being a responsible and competent pet owner is crucial and essential. Your pets need you as much as you need them, so being neglectful to them, even unintentionally, could take a toll on them.

Not providing enough attentiveness to your pets may result in different changes like mood swings, and behavioral changes like increased barking, howling, whining, and even sometimes could result in health problems that may accidentally be ignored. If you want to know some tips for balancing your work with being a fur parent, keep reading!

Time Management

Managing your time is extremely significant in balancing work and not just being a pet owner, but also other activities as well. If you want to effectively manage your time, making a schedule consisting of your routine and activities can be helpful. Make sure to be devoted to following your schedule though, or else it would be useless. There are options to choose from when making a schedule:

  • Daily Schedule – You can make a daily schedule, where you dedicate a specific time range, maybe an hour or two hours, depending on which you like for a different activity.
  • Weekly Schedule – A weekly schedule can be made by assigning each day to a specific activity. Maybe you can assign weekdays as focusing on work days, then the weekends as quality bonding with pet/s time.

Animal Care Services

Under this sector are the different branches of care services for animals like veterinary clinics, pet sitting, pet grooming, training centers, daycares, and more. Choosing the best care service for your pet is essential. You must know the background, amenities, reviews, atmosphere, neatness, and even the people responsible for the services like the veterinarians or the groomers, to name a few. Here are some more factors to consider when choosing services to provide care for your pet:

  • Location  – To be able to find the perfect vet clinic, training centers, grooming parlors, or more, you must first research your selected location. For instance, you can search “best vet clinics” or other preferred pet care services followed by the name of your chosen area. This will allow you to narrow down your choices to the ones you can visit as they are closer to you. There are multiple establishments made for caring for pets, so it is guaranteed that you can find which one you’ll want to pay a visit to.
  • Online Services – If you’re extremely busy and you don’t have time to book an appointment face-to-face, you can always opt to do it online. Making appointments online with the websites of your chosen service section can make things easier for you. After you book a session online, when it is time to come for a personal meet-up, especially for services like pet grooming, training, and sitting where you and your pet’s presence are needed, then it will be easier for you as you no longer have to make an appointment or sign papers, since you already have done that online.

Notably, there are also services where you can just leave your pet like training centers and daycares, and just pick them up when it’s time. So after dropping your pet off at the locations, you can then head to your place of work, then just get your pet when you’re available to do so.

Though there are services that require you to meet them personally, there are also services where most can be done online. An example is veterinary clinics. Some clinics offer online services where you can talk to a vet through a video call. This is very helpful if you have no time in visiting in person. You can just book an appointment online, then when it’s time, you can talk to a veterinarian through video chat.

Many veterinarians offer online services. Your location still plays a role in this section though, in case the vet will require you to visit in person for your pet’s safety. In the United States, there are San Diego online vets, Brooklyn online vets, Orlando online vets, and more in other cities in every state. Depending on where you live, the difficulty of finding an online vet may vary.


Multitasking, where you do more than one task at the same time, is also another tip for managing both your work and your pet. You can maybe write some documents while cuddling your dog at the same time. This could be quite difficult as sometimes, with their cute faces, pets could be a distraction. Although, it is important to know that multitasking can be mastered. With many experiences, you can be better at doing this particular action.


Having a job along with being an owner of an animal could be difficult, but with adequate knowledge and experience, you can develop and further enhance and be the best parent your pet could ever have. Caring for a pet is a challenge within itself, but having another job can be a really difficult ride. From this article are some tips that we surely wish will help you in your adventure as a fur parent. Good luck!

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