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The German Shepherd Dog is probably one of the world’s most famous dog breeds. Here in the profile, you will learn everything about the history, character, and attitude of the breed.

Origin & History of the German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is one of the oldest dog breeds in Germany. Already since the 7th century, people bred in the Germanic area Shepherds in different strokes. In addition to good hats properties, the animals should also be able to concentrate, robust, and obedient.

The uniform appearance of the breed stood instead in the background. The breeding of the German Shepherd Dog, as we know it today, did not begin until 1871. The Prussian court rider Max von Stephanitz made it his goal to breed a versatile working dog out of the original German shepherd dog.

Already in April 1899, some lovers founded the first association for German shepherd dogs. The enormous performance of the dog made him fast in the military and the police a favorite working dog. In the First World War, the Germans used more than 30,000 and in World War II even more than 200,000 German Shepherds at the front.

In the Third Reich, the National Socialists use the German Shepherd Dog as a symbol of “German” virtues. For this reason, other countries referred to the dog as “Alsatian” to avoid the unpopular term “German.” The German shepherd dog is hardly used today for herding cattle. He is the most used service dog worldwide, and one finds it above all with the police or in the military as well as a guard dog in private households. Internationally, the German Shepherd Dog is classified in the FCI Group 1 herding dog.

Traits and Characteristics

The German Shepherd Dog is a confident and intelligent dog who is loyal and affectionate to his family. He impresses with a high willingness to work and has a pronounced “Will-to-please.” The breed is also very fond of children and well tolerated with other pets. The dog behaves rather neutral to strangers but intervenes if he sees them as a threat. The character of the shepherd dog also varies depending on the purpose for which he was bred. The specimens from performance breeding have a pronounced protection and prey operation and a shallow threshold.

Height: 50-65cm Male, 50-60cm female
Weight: 30-40kg Male, 22-30kg female
Life: 9-13 years
Colors: Black, Tan, Red, Sable, Grey, Black & Silver
Temperament: Loyal, Curious, Alert, Confident, Intelligent, Courageous

Does The German Shepherd Fit For Me?

Before you buy a sheepdog, you should make it clear that the breed was bred primarily as a working dog. With the appropriate utilization and education, the German Shepherd can also become a good family dog. Since the character depends partly on the breed, you should find the right breeder for your needs. Also, because of the often occurring joint deformation in some representatives of the breed, it is essential to find a breeder who pays attention to the health of his puppies and breeds dogs with a straight back.

When buying from a breeder, you have a choice between different coat colors. The breed standard allows black with reddish brown, brown, yellow to light gray markings as well as black and gray monochrome or gray with darker clouds, black saddle, and mask. Of course, you should not only make the choice of your puppy dependent on the color. But Black and White German Shepherds are most Famous. There are also always German shepherds, who are in need and are now waiting in a shelter for a new owner. With enough dog experience and sensitive treatment, even an animal from the shelter can become a wonderful partner for life.

How Do I Keep a German Shepherd: Education and Development of the Puppy

The German Shepherd dog is eager to participate in any form of cooperation but has a strong sense of self. So education is not particularly difficult, but necessary. To promote his good nature, you should train the dog from the beginning with a lot of empathy and patience. With enough consistency and positive reinforcement, you quickly achieve success, and the dog becomes an obedient companion. When working with the Shepherd, you should always be focused on the matter so you can give him clear directions.

How Much Employment Does The German Shepherd Need?

In general, every type of dog sport is available for the German Shepherd Dog. An active sport like agility is the ideal utilization for mental as well as physical fitness of the dog. Even with a healthy dog, you should not exaggerate the physically demanding tasks, especially in puppy age. The four-legged friends also show much joy in all jobs, where they can use their brains and their senses. Shepherds, who are not adequately utilized, look for themselves a task that does not always correspond to the ideas of their bipeds.

Health and Care

The grooming of the short-haired German Shepherd dog is not very expensive. However, long-haired specimens should be brushed regularly and freed from leaves, twigs, and other debris after each walk. When fed, the breed can be somewhat sensitive. She does not tolerate fast changes in the diet very well and often has digestive problems. Consistent feeding with healthy pet food can positively influence digestion. An improper diet can also negatively impact the health of your dog’s bones and joints. Since the German Shepherd is more prone to hip dysplasia due to its sloping back culture, it is important not to overstress it at a young age.

Interesting and Worth Knowing

There have been several German shepherd dogs in history that have become famous in one way or another. Most of them are probably familiar with the Austrian crime series “Kommissar Rex,” in which a male named Rex assists the police in clearing up crimes. The series takes place in Vienna, and there were three shepherds in the role of Rex to see. The fact that the German Shepherd Dogs have the potential to be a movie star is also shown by the fact that two dogs have a star on the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. The boy’s Strong heart and Rin Tin Tin were both in the early 20th century in the film industry trendy and played in movie classics such as Man from Hells River or The Silent Call With.

Even as a service dog, some shepherd dogs have become famous. The male Apollo was one of the first rescue dogs to help the New York police in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, while searching for the victims. He was subsequently honored as representative of all rescue dogs with the “Dickin Medal,” the highest award for animals that have made in the war effort, rendered.

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