5 Dog Sleeping Positions will tell you a Deep Secret about your Dog.

Our dogs love to run, play and explore everything. They also adore snoozing. Our furry best friends who are healthy adults, sleep around 12-14 hours a day on average. Young puppies and old dogs tend to sleep a bit more in comparison as they feel like resting more than adult dogs.

Don’t we love watching our pooch sleeping? They look extremely innocent and adorable in this state. They sleep in different positions. But, have you ever wondered that, the position in which they sleep may mean something? The way they sleep, signals us something about them on a deeper level.

So without waiting furthermore, let us unfold the secret signs we should look out for; with the position your dog sleeps in.

The Lion pose

Observe the position: The Lion Pose sleeping position of the dog reflects when he gently lays on his bed or ground with his legs on his side and head over paws.

It’s meaning: It is a signal that your pooch is just having a sweet nap. He is not in a deep sleep, he is just resting while taking a short nap. He may wake up as soon as you call them.

The most common time when they prefer this position: Dogs usually sleep with lion pose when they are bored and feel like lazing around in the afternoons.

The Donut Pose

Observe the position: This is also an extremely common position chosen by dogs to sleep. In this, the dog curls himself up and makes a circle with his body and looks like a donut or a ball.

It’s meaning: This is the position in which most of the shelter dogs sleep in. They tend to do so because they want to keep their body warm and make them feel less vulnerable.

If your pet dog at your home does it, it reflects that your beloved pooch is feeling cold and is sleeping in a donut position to keep his vital organs warm with his body temperature. It is important to keep dogs warm in winters to avoid health issues. Learn how

The most common time when they prefer this position: They prefer sleeping this position in chilly nights or mostly in the winter season.

The Side Sleeper Pose

Observe the position: If you adore dogs and observe them no matter yours or others, you must have noticed most of the dogs sleeping in this position. In this pose, the dogs sleep peacefully on their sides and extend their legs while doing so.

It’s meaning: Your dog is healthy, happy and highly comfortable with the place he is in and the people around him. If your dog sleeps like this, it means he trusts you as he chose such a position which is comfortable yet vulnerable for him. Happy dogs are the healthiest and get sound sleep check out the article which will help you in making their life happier.

The most common time when they prefer this position: When a dog is comfortable around you, he will choose to sleep in this position anytime.

The Superman Pose

Observe the position: When you observe your dog sleeping in a position where he stretches his paws in front of his cute face and legs stretched backward is called superman pose.

It’s meaning: This pose lets the dogs rest on their belly. A dog’s body contains less fur in the belly region and more fur in all the other areas. When your dog feels hot, to control it and cool his body temperature down, he sleeps in this position.

The most common time when they prefer this position: You will find them sleeping like this mostly when it is summer or on an occasional hot day.

The Cuddle Bud Pose

Observe the position: If you are one of those dog parents who love to snuggle with your pooch and sleep then your dog must be having a habit of sleeping in a cuddle bud position. In this, your furry pal loves to cuddle up with you or his dog siblings to sleep.

It’s meaning: Cuddling and sleeping are more like a habit for dogs. Only those dogs sleep like this who have always been sleeping in this position i.e. since their childhood. The puppies sleep near and on each other to maintain their warmth.

The most common time when they prefer this position: Dogs prefer sleeping in this position all the time due to their habit.

So, these are the most common positions in which your pooch may sleep. We aspire now you must have got a perfect idea behind their sleeping position with its meaning. We always adore spreading knowledge related to the well- being of our furry pals.

Read more posts for updating your pawsome facts and let us know what position your dog sleeps in below in the comment section. We would love to know about it.

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