Balanced Diet for Dog


Food is crucial in maintaining health – both in human and animal, including your dog. Consuming the right food in the right amount can help prevent your dog to fall sick. A dog who consumes sufficient nutrients will be healthy both in its outside appearance and inside. A right diet can keep him from seeing his veterinarian due to unfortunate …

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FAQ About Pet Insurance


These days, medical technology in veterinary field has been rapidly developed. Many illness and diseases in animals that was fatal and incurable in past can be easily prevented and removed, thanks to the development. Pet owner can breathe easier now knowing that their pet mortality risk due to illnesses has decreased compared to the past years. However, the development comes …

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Create the Best Environment for Your Hamster


This little rodent family used to live underground. Hamster will dig and make rooms underground to sleep, eat, store food, and other. Nowadays, domesticated hamster live above the ground, indoor, in their cage. Could a hamster be happy and healthy in this kind of environment? Compared to his natural habitat, it is quite different, isn’t it? As a responsible owner, …

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When Your Cat is Misbehaving


Cat rules over human, that’s the general consensus seem to agree. Cat’s IDGAF behavior has been fueling the meme world for years and is responsible for the overwhelming number of cat videos in Youtube. And while watching bundle of fluffy hairs acting like the world is made for them is fun at a screen away, it’s not so much when …

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Safe Travel With Pets


Traveling is an event that everybody is looking forward to. Who doesn’t like getting away from work and mundane daily life to a new, beautiful place, even if only for several days? The image of white sands and blue sea on the beach or the greens of the mountain can even heal you from stress. Unfortunately, for pet owner, traveling …

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Must Have Items for New Puppy Parent


Are you excited to be the parent of a new puppy? Now you have a little bundle of fluff to accompany you at home! Expect your day to be a little brighter, night a little warmer, and life a whole lot happier. Puppies are cute and they bring happiness wherever they go. However, every good side has bad side as …

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How to Pet-Proof Your House


Your pet lives with you in the house, so have you ever wonder if their environment so far is safe? If you haven’t, maybe it’s time to start questioning and checking. Even if (hopefully) there is no major accident involving your pet at your house so far, pet-proofing your house will ensure that it will keep that way in the …

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