5 Tips for Choosing the Right Veterinary Hospital

When we fall ill, we search for the best doctors to maintain our health, so why don’t we look for the best veterinary and pet emergency hospital for our pets?

Choosing the correct veterinary hospital in Newport Beach is vital, as sometimes our pets’ lives depend on them. Having the right veterinary care in a pet’s emergency can help us treat our beloved pets not only adequately with the best medical facilities, but also avoid any further health risks or complications..

Furthermore, it also makes sense to schedule routine check ups to keep your pets healthy and maintain their well-being. So where to start, if we google for pet emergencies in our area, we will find so many options that will leave us even more confused and without knowing where to begin.

So what do we do now? Do not worry! We have done the work for you and in this article we will give you the best tips to find the best pet emergency in Newport Beach for your pet.

1. Understand the Need of Your Pet First

Before deciding on which would be the best veterinary hospital in Newport Beach, it’s crucial to understand the needs of your pet. First, make sure to know if they require routine care or have an emergency. If they have serious health issues, they may need special attention and emergency care units to deal with their health.

And if they need to have a routine check-up, then they need a regular veterinary service. By understanding your pet’s needs, you will be able to decide better and choose the best veterinary services.

But make sure to pay special attention to their health issues, possible conditions, severity and how much these issues are affecting your pet’s daily life, before selecting the proper veterinary in your area.

2. Know the Experience and Accreditation of the Veterinary

Make sure to check the experience and any other valuable accreditation of the veterinarian, staff and hospital. Their experience and expertise will help you decide and trust that your pet is in good hands.

Most trusted pet emergency in Newport Beach clinics will post on their site their qualifications and accreditations. Along with the vets’ experience and know-how, don’t forget to check the assisting staff, including nurses.

Also, make sure to check for reviews on how they handle your pet and their working environment—all these reviews and credentials will help you familiarize with their working environment and their services in a better way.

3. Know About the Attentiveness of Staff

As much as you need to trust your vet, you also need to be confident about their staff. They play a highly important role in your pet’s recovery. And this is one of the crucial factors when deciding on the best vet for your pet. Check the staff members’ helpfulness, consideration and vigilance when they are dealing with your pet.

If the staff is not attentive or if they don’t perform a thorough examination on your pet, chances are high that they might miss some important health details. On the other hand, if they are careful, observant, and diligent, they will be able to better diagnose your pet’s health and treat them accordingly. To decide about the attentiveness of the vet staff, make sure to notice the following things;

  • Check whether they are generous and kind to your pet or not.
  • Make sure to notice how they examine your pet.
  • Are they paying attention to all the details or are they distracted and in a hurry?

Remember, that the time they spend accessing your pet is crucial for a complete examination. By monitoring all these things, you will be able to decide about the vet’s and staff’s worthiness .

4. What Services do the Veterinary Offer?

Along with understanding your pet’s needs, the vets’ and staff’s experience and care for your pet , you need to check what kind of services the pet emergency in Newport Beach is offering. Do they have an X-rays and ultrasound facility in-house, what about other diagnostics tests; such as Electrocardiography (ECG), gastrointestinal studies, blood studies and more?

Also, make sure that the clinic provides services for trauma, illnesses and toxicity besides general treatments. Their excellence lies in their know-how and expertise. Complete monitoring tests are essential to diagnose and maintain the good health of your pet. So, make sure to check for all the services they offer.

Along with all their services and treatments, make sure to check whether they are offering overnight monitoring or not. It is important for owners and for the pet to have the peace of mind that you can visit and be in contact with your pet in an emergency anytime when you need it.

In case your pet needs surgery, it is recommended to also find a clinic that can provide the service in-house, the less you move around town with your pet and the less you expose them to different people here and there will help you and your pet tremendously. Remember that when a pet is in pain, anxiety plays a key factor in their cooperation to treatment and recovery. A well equipped clinic with a surgery/operation facility will be the best option for your pet emergency needs.

5. What are the Opening Hours? Are they open 24/7?

Knowing about the opening hours of the pet emergency in Newport Beach clinic is crucial for a pet owner. But emergencies can happen at any time. The best way for owners and their pets in this case is to go for a facility that is 24/7. This will ease-off stress and desperation that comes during an emergency. And as 24/7 clinics are always open it will be easier for you to plan routine check-ups and any other needed visits.

Make sure to pay extra attention to the night time visits when overnight stays are required. Especially if this further helps treat your pet in a better way. And remember to always bring them to the vet clinic on time.

Because emergencies can happen, nevertheless, you should always have a plan B in your mind. With the Petcube Emergency Fund – pet insurance alternative, you can get up to $3,000 a year to cover emergency veterinary costs. Because the plan covers all pre-existing conditions and not planned appointments, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that unexpected pet health issues will be covered. Also, Emergency Fund offers a 24/7 online vet chat, which you’re welcome to use to diagnose the emergency case.

Bottom Line

In brief, finding the best veterinary hospital in Newport Beach is easy once you understand your pet’s needs and the severity of the situation. Just make sure that your vets, staff are not only knowledgeable and experts in their field but also care for your pet’s health. Go for a facility that is well equipped and prepared for any circumstances, and remember that just like you, your pets need the best for their wellbeing.

Author Bio:

Dr. Kim received his DVM degree from Seoul National University, College of Veterinary Medicine, one of the most prestigious schools in South Korea. He also earned a M.S. degree from the same school in Veterinary Anatomy and Histology. In 2002, Dr. Kim finished the E.C.F.V.G (Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates) program at the Cumming’s School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University (TCSVM) in North Grafton, Massachusetts. He completed a one-year internship at All-Care Animal Referral Center and later spent several years as an emergency and ICU clinician in Southern California. He has been with Central Orange County Emergency Hospital as an emergency veterinarian since 2010.

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  1. I agree with what you said that in choosing a pet hospital, I should check if the staff and the vet would be generous and kind to the pets. My British shorthaired cat has not been feeling well and has been vomiting frequently. She’s a bit apprehensive to strangers and does not interact well with unfamiliar humans, so it would definitely be helpful if the pet hospital I bring her to would be patient and kind to her. Thanks for this advice!

  2. You made a good point that I should also look for surgery services when choosing a veterinary hospital. I’m planning a adopt a dog someday and I’d like to make sure that I take it to a good vet for checkups. Having the equipment and the expertise to conduct surgeries is a testament to the reputability of a veterinary hospital.

  3. Thank you for the advice to check if a pet hospital is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. As you said, emergencies can occur at any time, so knowing that your pet would be cared for in the event of an emergency is important. Since she found a kitten on the side of a busy road and plans to care for it, I’ll surely share this with my brother. I’ll also look into the local animal hospital that can assist them. I appreciate you sharing!


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