Tracerz Offers Life-Changing Assistance to Blind Dogs


It’s fairly difficult to estimate how many of our dogs can’t see and live with either partial blindness or our fully blind, but the closest estimate is over 300,000. That number is quite shocking, but for whatever reason, it’s not talked about. And it’s not just the statistics that are difficult to find, but almost everything associated with blindness in …

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Hives in Dogs-Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments


When I brought Rose-a pocket pitbull-home, I had no idea about Hives and other allergic reactions. One evening, she began to play with the fresh flower bouquet I left on the table that afternoon, and within no time I saw these itchy red spots appearing all over her body. It was an alarming situation for me, but now I have …

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Best Guide to Food or Nutrition Needed for Dogs


Long and healthy life is equally essential for pets as human. Therefore, to prevent fatal diseases like, diabetes, certain cancers, and other heart-related diseases in dogs, it is important to follow certain tips that exhibit the feeding directions of the pets. For all the pet lovers, it is essential to understand that the caloric need of every pet varies significantly, …

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Small Dogs and Big Personalities


Small dogs or more popularly known as toy dog breeds or lap dogs are some of the cutest dogs you might ever lay eyes on in your lifetime. With their small sizes, you should not be deceived because everything may be small in these dogs but definitely not their personalities, making both their size and their energetic personality a truly …

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Ways to Tell if Your Dog’s Food Contains Fatty Acids


Fatty acids are essential ingredients in your dog’s diet. Experts underline two types that are particularly important for your dog’s health. These are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. At least, you need to ensure that the food you buy for your dog contains these acids. Dog food with omega fatty acids differs greatly from that which does not include them. …

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